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SOTM: Comfortable by Lanks

In 2014, I started a little website called 16 Clefs. It was an outlet for me to talk about music. I loved doing it but it kind of fell to the wayside after about a year because it was just exhausting to run. I’ve decided to bring back a stripped down version of 16 Clefs via my current website/blog.

To bring 16 Clefs back to life, I wanted to feature Melbourne artist, Lanks.
I discovered his music through 16 Clefs and have been a fan since.

In December 2015, I was able to meet up with Lanks in Melbourne for a few beers just to say hello and give appreciation of his music. If you follow him on social media, in person, he matches what he shows on social media. A genuine human who is insanely creative and constantly seeking new ways to create. I hope that after he moves and settles into Sydney, I’ll be able to sit down and do an interview with him for 16 Clefs 2.0

In June, Lanks premiered a brand spanking new tune on Triple J and boy is it fabulous!

On Facebook, Lanks kind of gave the listener an inside peek into the meaning of the song. He says about “Comfortable” he says, “The one thing I’ll say is it is written from my friends perspective to another person who sadly took his own life. As someone who has suffered depression I understand how hard it can be to open up about it…”

What I really dig about this song is that it is infectious as fuck. Despite the heaviness of the topic, depression, it’s not a heavy song. By heavy, I mean heavy in tone or feel. A lot of songs about depression are depressing. It is what it is and I’m not saying it’s wrong, but when a song about depression comes out and you feel lighter and brighter for listening to it,  that’s a good thing. That is what “Comfortable” achieves to do. It lifts your spirits. Or, shall I say, it lifted my spirits. The drum tracks are toe tapping and I would venture to say hand clapping approved by fellow music lover JrzyGyrl.

My favorite lyrics are: “But I can’t follow you. When faced with the path you’ll have to choose. Why didn’t you call me when you fell apart. You know I need you like a light in the dark…”

Lanks: Facebook | Twitter | Website

Catch Lanks on tour:
Saturday 19 August 2017 @ Leadbelly, Newtown, NSW, Australia
Friday 25 August 2017@ Black Bear Lodge, Fortitude Valley, QLD, Australia
Saturday 26 August 2017@ Northcote Social Club, Northcote, VIC, Australia
Saturday 02 September 2017@ Jack Rabbit Slim’s, Perth, WA, Australia

If you are going through depression or think you’re going through depression, reach out.
In Australia: 13 11 14
In United States: 1 800 273 8255
For around the world, CLICK HERE.
You are not alone. #DepressionLies