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The Music History of Shelia: Volume 1 (1975-1995)

This was inspired by a conversation I had one night with Nick. Though I suggested to him there should be a mix tape/playlist made for “The Music History of Nick”, it got me thinking of my own music history. Music has been in my life for as long as I can remember. Both of my parents love music and their choices were as eclectic as mine is today. I did the 40 at 40 (40 songs that influenced my life) and yes some of those will be making an appearance but I’m only going to list 20 songs that span my first 20 years here on earth. These songs are a part of who I am. They have influenced me for the positive and further influenced the music choices in my life.
These may or may not be in exact chronological order. Videos below or listen/watch HERE.


“You Are My Sunshine” by Boxcar Willie
My mama was a huge Boxcar Willie fan and she listened to many of his tapes when I was a child. She and my dad were music lovers and would go to concerts because they loved the music. They saw Boxcar Willie several times and even the likes of the legendary Mr Elvis Pressley. Yeah, my parents were fucking cool as shit. T
his song was a song that stuck with me and still does. She sang this song to my nieces and I won’t lie, when I need a dose of my mama’s love, I sing it to myself and imagine my mama singing it to me.

“Daydream Believer” by The Monkees
I remember watching The Monkees with my parents and I grew up loving this song. This song inspired the tiny dreamer in me and still does.

“These Eyes” by The Guess Who
My dad was the classic rock fan. This song always reminds me of him.

“At This Moment” by Billy Vera & the Beaters
I have a very distinct memory of this song from the TV shows Family Ties. It’s when Alex and Ellen break up. I remember thinking how perfect the song was for that scene and god damn what a sad fucking song. What girl (or guy) doesn’t want someone to feel this way about them. Little Shelia knew back then the power of music!

“Victims” by Culture Club
I’m not sure who loved Boy George more, me or my mama. I wouldn’t fully appreciate the lyrics in this song until in my late teens, but I remember loving this song because it wasn’t as upbeat and catchy as the “radio hits”. Even as I kid, I listened to the lyrics and like I said, I wouldn’t appreciate just how meaningful they were until I was older.

“I Can Dream About You” by Dan Hartman
This song was one of my parents favorite songs and naturally became mine. Anytime it was on, silence was golden unless you were singing to it. When I hear it in random places now, I know my mom is near.

“What’s Love Got to Do With It?” by Tina Turner
Another favorite of my parents. They loved Tina Turner and my mom was just in awe of Tina’s legs (but who wasn’t). To this day, when I hear this song, I think of my parents.

“Save a Prayer” Duran Duran
Oh sweet lord, I remember when I first saw Duran Duran. They were so pretty. So cute. John Taylor was my favorite followed by Nick Rhodes and then Simon Le Bon. Years later, they would release Medazzaland and I would freaking get to meet Duran Duran and my childhood self would just stand there in shock-n-awe. They were just the nicest band on the planet.

“Missing You” by John Waite
Shout out to my mama for this one. She loved loved loved this song. I love love love this song.

“Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley
Who didn’t like Rick Ashley when he erupted onto the music scene? Another artist my parents loved and if anything made them crank up the radio, then I loved it too. My mom loved his voice and just thought he was the cutest and to watch my parents “dance” and sing around the kitchen to this was always fun.

“Never Say Goodbye” by Bon Jovi
5th or 6th grade, I started finding my own music and this song will always remind me of Marc Wells. We were the best of friends from grade school until junior high and then reconnected by chance my junior year in high school. In grade school, Marc was my “first boyfriend”. This song wasn’t played during our breakup or anything emotional like that. We just said, we’re better friends. He and Chelle Cochran are the two friends I wish I had kept in touch with through out my life and they both have Bon Jovi connections. This song is Marc’s and “Runaway” my favorite Bon Jovi song is Chelle’s.

“A Pirate Looks at Forty” by Jimmy Buffett
Though released in 1974, a year before I was born, I would discover this song at the 13. I have to thank Sarah for turning me onto Jimmy Buffett. I was all hair metal and she was all Jimmy Buffett. We exchanged albums and I became a Parrothead. It was the first time I remember thinking, this artist gets me. Jimmy wrote what I was feeling in my 13 year old soul. “Mother mother ocean, I have heard your call. Wanted to sail upon your waters since I was three feet tall.” It is my all time number one favorite song.

“In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel
Thank you Cameron Crowe for turning me onto Peter Gabriel. Another nod of music and movie perfection. What girl (or guy) didn’t want Lloyd Dobler to fall in love with them. I’m still waiting on my Lloyd. He doesn’t have to hold a boombox to show me love, just kick some glass out the way so I don’t step on it.

“Mr. Brownstone” by Guns n’ Roses
I wasn’t a huge fan of “Welcome to the Jungle” but I was a huge fan of “Mr Brownstone. The bass and drums in this song. To. Freaking. Die. For.

“Wild Side” by Motley Crue
I was completely a fan girl for “The Crue”. Posters on my wall from floor to ceiling. This is my favorite Motley Crue song. There is a scene in the video where Nikki Sixx looks at the camera and gives this smirk/smile, teen Shelia freaked out over it all the time. Years later, I would meet Tommy Lee and teen self would be in shock-n-awe because he was so freaking down to earth and kind.

“Big Western Sky” by Kik Tracee
This song has my heart. It always will. This song is my all time 2nd favorite song. This song was my best friend, my confident, my inspiration, my tether to sanity when I was battling depression. It was my reminder to look up, breathe, and know it was going to be okay. Another years later story, I would become friends with Rob and share my story with him. To this day, I owe that man for saving my life.

“Last Train Home” by Armored Saint
In the days of Headbangers Ball, this little gem played, and I connected with the song so much. I understood the lyrics and I felt they understood me.

“Runaway Train” by Soul Asylum
17 year old Shelia sobbed many a tears over this song. It captured exactly how my depression felt.

“Would?” by Alice in Chains
Of all the grunge bands and all the Seattle bands, Alice in Chains was it for me. I respected all others, but none could hold a candle to AIC. When DIRT was released, this song, blew my mind. Another song that I felt was written for me. I loved this song (still do) and it still has the power to bring chills to me. They would open for Ozzy on his “final” tour and I along with Teresa would have front row seats. I was there for AIC, she was there for Ozzy. I was able to meet Mike Star (who I swooned over) prior to the show and during the show, he and Layne Staley would come out into the crowd, and say “you are singing along to every song”. I died a little that day.

“Drownin'” by Sponge
There is music that saves and there are bands that save you. This band saved me. This song saved me. Years after their hey day of the ROTTING PINATA album, I would run this band’s website and befriend them all. If 18 year old me only knew, she would have learned more code and even further down the road, standing in a room full of fans who were there to listen to Sponge and co-workers who were using the time to escape work, Vinnie (singer) would dedicate this song to me. He never knew the importance of this song until later that day and he would bring tears streaming down my face. This song and “Lucky” by them will always be in my heart. (The video of the performance is from that day).

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