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The Music History of Shelia: Volume 2 (1996-2016)

I give you Volume 2. Narrowing this down to 20 was so freaking hard. So many songs!! The last 20 years have been filled with gems that’s for sure. I also realized I am quite influenced by songs with “train” in the title. There was two in Volume 1, one here. Again, these songs are a part of who I am and have influenced me for the positive and further influenced the music choices in my life.
These may or may not be in exact chronological order. Videos below or listen/watch HERE.



“That Song” by Big Wreck
I was torn between this song and “The Oaf”. For me, the opening to “The Oaf” is perfection, but lyrically, “That Song” is the way I connect to music. 

“Narcolepsy” by Third Eye Blind
This is my favorite 3EB song. This song was the perfect description of what was going on in my head! I also had a crush on Stephen Jenkins, but then again who didn’t. Dark hair, blue eyes. Swoon. When OUT OF THE VEIN was released, Stephen Jenkins walked into the station for an interview and with so much swagger and coolness, I about died. He was a nice guy though. Not a jerk like I had heard. These lyrics, holy cow: “And there’s a demon in my brain starts to overwhelm and there it goes, my last chance for peace…And there’s a demon in my head who starts to play, a nightmare tape loop of what went wrong yesterday…I write everything down except what’s on my mind cause my greatest fear is that sucking sound…how’d you like to be alone and drowning…”

“4 A.M.” by Our Lady Peace
This song solidified me being a fan of OLP. I was able to see OLP more than once. My first time was when they opened up for Third Eye Blind in 1997. AH-MAY-ZING show (both bands and opener Eve 6). Weenie Roast 2002, my dear friend Shapiro, introduced me to the band. Perks of working radio and I was so freaking stoked to meet them. They were as nice as they could be and again were the same kind folks in 2012. I have been a fan of OLP since CLUMSY and still am to this day.

“Freak of the Week” by Marvelous 3
When Marvelous 3 hit the music scene, I sat looking at a photo of them knowing I “knew” the band from somewhere and then it hit me. They were a band called Southgang from the late hair metal days. I freaking loved (still do) “Russian Roulette” and “Aim From the Heart” by Southgang and when I realized M3 was the former, it reignited my crush on Butch Walker. What I like about the HEY! ALBUM was that it was fun, catchy, and infectious. Butch can write hits and the man is just way before his musical time. One day, the music world will catch up to him. This song is definitely an anthem for those who live on the fringe and feel like they don’t belong.

“Engel” by Rammstein
I have to thank Andy for my love of Rammstein. If he hadn’t bought their album when I was with him, I wouldn’t have known the greatness of Rammstein. Our relationship didn’t last but my love of Rammstein has continued on. SEHNSUCHT was my introduction to this band and though “Du Hast” was the radio hit (my least favorite song), I loved “Engel” (translates to angel”). It’s a beautiful and heavy song. Even after looking up the lyrics all these years, I still can’t remember the translation of the song and to be honest, I don’t really care. I love Rammstein even if I can’t speak a lick of German.

“You Wanted More” by Tonic
I discovered this song shortly after Andy dumped me on my birthday. I played the shit out of it. Lyrically, the song just rang true for me. I was 24 and I didn’t want to be married and he did. He’d marry soon after and these lyrics made me realize it was okay for it not to be me. “I don’t know when I got bitter, but love is surely better when it’s gone. Cause you wanted more. More than I could give. More than I could handle And a life that I can’t live. You wanted more. More than I could bear. More than I could offer. For a love that isn’t there…”

“Losing Light Fast” by Peter Searcy
One of my favorite musical memories is with Peter. I saw him play a festival in Charlotte and it was nothing short of amazing. At another show, I would tell Peter how amazing I thought his set was at the festival and he said that was the worst day ever for him as nothing musically was going right for him on that day. His guitar strap had broken and the sound had been off and so on, but I told him none of that came through his set and that’s all that mattered to a music fan. I ended up doing a fan site and then website for Peter. Because of him and the the people that surrounded him, they were the catalyst that got me into radio. I owe my radio career to Peter, Nicole, and Moseley. They gave me the connections I needed and though I wouldn’t take their advice until a year or so later, I wouldn’t have had the courage to take the leap and apply with 1065 The End.

“Go Away” by SR-71
One of my favorite musical memories is with Amy Cox. We became friends by sheer chance. I ordered Marvelous 3′ first album from her company and somehow along the way we met through me seeing SR-71 at a show. She managed the band and through our friendship, I ended up in Maryland with her for a NYE show. The band played this song and we just sang along together. This song always connected with the depressed part of me as it just gave me hope.

“Tomorrow Starts Today” by Econoline Crush
I freaking adore this band. FREAKING. ADORE. They were one of the 90s bands that I was glad stuck around. I saw them play Tremont Music Hall in the dead of fucking summer and it was worth every ounce of sweat I lost. There was a 5 way tie on which song I wanted on here. That’s how good their BRAND NEW HISTORY album is, but I finally decided on the most played. This is one of my go to song anthems. The song title says it all. TOMORROW STARTS TODAY.

“Do What You Feel Like” by Headstrong
This band comes courtesy of Amy Cox again. I followed this band around when they toured a three state radius. They were unlike anything I had ever seen or heard when they came out. They weren’t like anything I was currently listening to at the time. They were heavy, fast, and good. I also had a massive crush on their tour manager/merch guy, Scott, who was the brother to Brian the drummer. He was off limits though. He had a girlfriend. I have two favorite memories of seeing Headstrong and one is driving to the middle of no-fucking-where in Columbia, SC to see Headstrong open up for Soil. I was the only person in the entire venue that was there by herself and wearing a lavender sweater in a sea of testosterone and black on black. The second was seeing them at the Music Farm in Charleston, SC. I got kicked square in the chest by a size 9 Doc Marten that knocked the wind out of me (problems of standing in front) and I eventually got drunk enough to confess to Scott that I liked him but respected the boundaries of his relationship and would now continue to drink with Amy. There was the time Amy & I also Jacksonville, FL to see the band but that’s another memory for another time.

“Saying Goodbye” by Sugarcult
Who had a big ol’ stinking crush on Tim Pagnotta, the lead singer? This girl. This band turned me into a “Warped Tour” fan and I say that because they were “pop punk” and that was one of those genres I just didn’t listen to at the time. Then START STATIC  came out and I was in. During their PALM TREES AND POWERLINES tour, we did a promotion with the band and they are one of those bands you just want around all the time. They have that kind of energy that is just infectious and fun.

“This Time” by Eighteen Visions
I saw 18V open up for Lostprophets at Tremont Music Hall. They stepped out in black pants, black dress shirts and skinny ties and I got an insta-crush on James Hart. I remember looking at my “baby bro” Patrick and telling him that’s who I wanted for my birthday. Tattooed eyeliner wearing rockndude. This band blew me away and made me a life long fan. Patrick and I never missed seeing 18V (he was a fan before me) and one of my favorite concert memories is driving to the armpit of Columbia, SC to see 18V play. Years later they would play Warped Tour and by calling out Mick Deth as he walked by our station set up, we’d meet 18V. I was star struck. Speechless. I had met the liked of Metallica but meeting this band left me silenced. The band would break up later, Mick Deth would pass away from a heart issue, James would form Burn Halo (not 18V but good enough so I could hear him sing) and in 2017 they would release a new album 18VIII. Still a fan, will always be.

“Last Train Home” by Lostprophets
Their album START SOMETHING was played until it was unplayable. This band knows how to write anthems for the disenchanted youth and though by the time they came into my musical sphere I was far from being a youth. I have been a fan since. On the tour where 18V opened for them, we did a meet & greet with the band and they were just the nicest blokes. I also had a crush on Ian Watkins (dark hair, blue eyes…sensing a trend yet? I am a sucker for eyes and a 1000 watt smile). Years later, when their album WEAPONS was out and they were on the Warped Tour, I’d see them one final time and be instantly taken back to seeing why this band was good: anthems.

“Buried Alive by Love” by HIM
Years later, that same “what the hell is this wonderful assault on my ears” that Headstrong gave me, I found again by HIM. My first glimpse into the band was their video “Join Me (In Death)”. Lead singer, Ville Vallo, was all vamped up with beautiful soul piercing hazel green eyes. I have a thing for androgynous men (Bowie, Boy George, Pete Burns, Tim Curry in The Rocky Horror Pictureshow) and Ville from this video. The next song that aired was “Buried Alive by Love”, it was on the opposite end of the dreamy vampiresque sound of “Join Me (In Death)” and I was hooked. The entire song is just amazing. I am bummed I will not be able to see them on their final tour but I am grateful for Ana who gave me the opportunity to meet HIM and know they are just the nicest band on the planet.

“It Could Have Been Worse” by Matthew Ryan
I remember the exact moment the music of Matthew Ryan came into my life. I was on I-85 and taking Exit 5 home. This song accompanied me on my way home and it fit so perfectly with the road and scenery I was on. I rushed out of the car and immediately bought everything iTunes had and Amazon had. I had become a life long fan. I would see Matthew Ryan months later at Evening Music with about 20 people and his set was a religious experience. After I received my mom’s death certificate, I sent out the tweet below and Matthew responded. He is just as kind and humble as he seems and is one of the most down to earth you will ever meet and is such a prolific song writer. I can’t speak highly enough about Matthew and his music.

“Closer to the Edge” by 30 Seconds to Mars
My history with this band is a good one. They did a radio tour right before THIS IS WAR came out. My co-worker was leaving her office and she said, “Shelia, your band is walking up and boy are they cute.” I thought, sweet, eye candy but once I saw Shannon Leto, I was thinking the line straight out of Anamanics ‘hellooo nurse’. (You guessed it, dark hair and baby blues). I remember being cornered in the hall and talking to Jared about the new album and telling him that the band needed to play our upcoming radio show. After they left, Patrick (baby bro) was like ‘dude he was all up in your personal space’ and I couldn’t help but agree, and then said, ‘I can’t believe you remained cool in front of Jordan Catalano”. I had no idea who the fuck that was. I didn’t watch My So Called Life. 30STM would play our radio show and Jordan would remember the conversation we many months earlier. I would see this band open up for Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and they would play 2 more radio shows for us and several other shows. In December 2009, I would get a phone call would forever change my life and as I pulled up into the hospital playing “Closer to the Edge”, I promised myself that I would put this song on repeat until my mom got out of the hospital. I held true to my promise. My mom didn’t get out of the hospital like I had hoped but in her death, I received a song that would be my connection to her. This song is my anthem to live my life and make my mama proud.

“Time to Smile” by Xavier Rudd
I would discover Xavier when honeyhoney opened up for him. Musically, the two bands are absolutely nothing alike and why they toured together, I will never understand but more importantly, I am glad they did. I honestly left Xavier’s show with a copy of every CD he was selling. His music would become my spiritual bible so to speak. When I need to feel connected to the Universe and feel one with Luna, I listen to Xavier and this song is exactly what one needs to hear sometime: “time to smile”.

“11:59” by Michael Franti
This song is the song that opened my soul. (You can read about it HERE.) As I said in the post, “It was as close to the Universe (or God, Buddha, Allah, whatever your religion is) as I was going to get.”

“Forget” by Stokeswood
This song wasn’t the song that hooked me or made me absolutely dig this band, but this band put my faith back in music and when 2075 came out, this EP blew me away. Non-stop on repeat playing. This song made into my 40 at 40 at #9 and I wrote about it HERE. These lyrics:Forget where you come, learn to live. Forget where you come from, live again…”

“Lazarus” by David Bowie
Apropros to end with this Bowie song. Bowie’s last full length album BLACKSTAR reignited my obsession with David Bowie. I have loved him since I was a child and since the album came out, I cannot get enough of David Bowie in my life. 

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