July Haikus

Another month of haikus down. It’s become a morning ritual of sorts. I am still enjoying it. You can follow them daily on Twitter. If you missed them or if you’re not on Twitter, you can read them below

July 31
morning sun upon my skin
rays of joy fill my blood
new day begins

July 30
I hear drifting laughter
saddening hearts
lost souls shedding skin and tears

July 29
silence all around
quietening clouds
winter blues surround me

July 28
crushing bleeding needing
vein bled dry to
darkness drowning losing hope

July 27
an ache deep within
I feel it in my bones and skin
junky for you

July 26
a taste of war given
a witness of hope taken
peace be by my side

July 25
sisters and brothers
from other mothers
friends, The Band, forever

July 24
let’s kiss under clear blue skies
rioting, I see monsters
Munich, crying

July 23
Sunday morning coffee
junky stories
and alcoholic memories

July 22
cold winter mornings
with hot coffee in hand
I shed last nights dreams of you

July 21
you sacrificed your life
saved fans with music
but no one could save you

July 20
i release all thoughts
it is time to let you go
move on from this heart

July 19
they watch you cross
to the other side
be at peace know you are loved

July 18
reflections eyes
staring back not of my own
ghosts of the past

July 17
music been with me
through it all, holding my hand
never left alone

July 16
you are beautiful
she said that was
the only thing she could be

July 15
to be a good friend
when their heart is breaking
be by their side and love them

July 14
i am giving up
i am giving in
had enough of struggles within

July 13
eyes of gray
unlocking sanity
smile that captures my soul

July 12
know that you don’t care
doesn’t stop me from hoping
one day you will

July 11
if you could only feel
and know my love for you
would you even care

July 10
lifting hope
in the eyes of amber
he touches upon my heart strings

July 9
words nor actions
can express the love
held deep within my heart for you

July 8
make it to the top
best decision ever made
only one I want

July 7
the heart stains quickly
when you are broken
hope is the only cleaner

July 6
Emptiness of my soul
You have a lot more to say
So say it

July 5
Loved it too
but it was the only thing
I would have done for the rest

July 4
wind chimes, creek beds
cut grass, grandma’s fried chicken
memories childhood

July 3
only fools fall in
love and put forth an effort
when nothing is there

July 2
quiet winter moments
warm bed and silence
Sunday morning sleep in

July 1
six a.m sunrise
garbo truck chugging
coffee percolating strong

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