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Have You Listened To: Glassio

This gem popped up into my Twitter feed and I’m so glad I clicked on the link to listen. I’m a sucker for retro 80s dreamy dancey pop tunes.

And “Papaya” by Glassio hits all those buttons.

The alt-pop duo is based out of NY and is made up of Sam Rad and Charles Pinel. Their sound is low-key, infectious and fun and if you can include the words flamingo and fandango in your lyrics without being beachy or trying to emulate Queen, you have my attention. “Papaya” is a catchy summer song for my US friends and a perfect sunny winter day for my AUS friends.

Give “Papaya” a listen below and their cover of “Search & Destroy” by Iggy & the Stooges. You won’t be disappointed.

More Glassio: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook