Coffee and Conversations: Introduction

I started Coffee and Conversations many moons ago and when I say many moons, I am thinking it was sometime around 2007 or 2008. The last time I even looked at it was November 2009. I can’t tell you why I started it. There was no character knocking in my head like The Sound of Madness (available Kindle/Paperback), I just had this idea of four friends and what happens to them in the course of one night at their go to coffeehouse.

Looking back, I see homages to the years I spent at the Java Cellar. Drinking coffee, playing cards, games, and talking to friends there. Instead of going to a bar and getting drunk, I went to the basement that held the confines of artistic spirit, creativity, and inspiration. I have great memories of my time at the Java Cellar and I suppose it subconsciously inspired Coffee and Conversations.

When I started this project years ago, it was to be a full blown novel. I put it aside and started other projects but knew one day, I’d come back to it. About three or four weeks ago, my brain wouldn’t let go of the idea. I dug it up and decided to make it a novella. Short and sweet. Reading through what I had previously written, the characters stood the test of time. I was transported right back to where I had left off with them. My Australia obsession was strong even then, as one of the characters is from there. I not only wrote a gay character but a transgender character as well, progressive for that time frame. With what was initially written, I only had to make minor changes to bring it forward ten years.

Ten years in the making, but worth the wait.

Every Friday, Ava, Walsh, Porn, and Garrett meet for Coffee and Conversations at their favorite coffeehouse. Their love for each other is as strong as their coffee, but on this particular Friday night, their lives will unexpectedly change. Will their friendship survive? Or will they finally go their separate ways and leave everything behind?

I will release a new chapter of Coffee and Conversations every week here on this website. If you can’t wait you can grab Coffee and Conversations on Amazon for a mere $1 USD or  $1.10 AUD for Kindle or paperback for $4.00 USD.

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