August Haikus

Here are August’s haikus down. You can follow them daily on Twitter. If you missed them or if you’re not on Twitter, you can read them below

August 31
unseen witness marks
moments fading, night slips away
death circling drain

August 30
i am letting go
i am giving in and
i am moving along

August 29
memories in the wind
pieces scattered amongst debris
nothingness left

August 28
I give up. I quit.
I give zero fucks.
Please fuck off Monday. You suck

August 27
how do you say goodbye
from across the world
when the end is nearing

August 26
the silence spoke volumes
of how you felt
nothing is what I meant

August 25
bold steps taken
empty returns
falling for life’s cruel joke again

August 24
bravery courage
nothing if you stand still
act make a difference

August 23
effort to give disappears
after I bared my soul
you replied thanks

August 22
cleansing my soul
starting fresh from today
free to dream the day away

August 21
empty carriages
silent trips
end of the world apocalypse

August 20
Sundays are lazy days
good for the soul days
ignore the world days

August 19
finally the drunks have passed out
silence on the block
sleep calls my name

August 18
effort matched
met halfway
don’t always take without giving

August 17
empty tunnels
and haunted spaces
carry the heart like the wind and the wave

August 16
unseen ghosts
dance around you
never leaving your spirit alone

August 15
headstones and the other side
you know she’s the one
that you love

August 14
smoke filled clouds
smell of something burning
ashes of my life in the wind

August 13
coffee and a book
warming winter sun
some of my favorite things

August 12
mettle metal metaphor
nonetheless it makes no sense
you know

August 11
silent morning
quiet mind
watching the clock tick by in peace

August 10
caution warning achtung baby
no one cares whether
you live or die

August 9
closer to the edge
tomorrow never knows
yesterday’s pain

August 8
survived the night
with nothing but tears
in the end I’ll be all right

August 7
splattered crimson blood
on white feathers
death of an angel in color

August 6
sleep away the day
under warm covers
on cold winter mornings

August 5
chirping birds, laughing kids
warm sun, dancing bare feet
spring is coming

August 4
one moment can make you smile
glorious feeling
happiness is

August 3
one day they will grow up
witness the end of war
lift the stain of hate

August 2
lit up my world
made me believe in love
i can’t thank you enough

August 1
good morning, goodnight
how are you
ways I silently say I love you

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