Top 16 Cover Songs16 Clefs

Top 16 Cover Songs

This is the Top 16 Cover Songs according to me. It was really hard choosing just 16 as there are some great cover songs out there, but I’m pretty happy with this list. I’d say these are my favorites so far. In alphabetical order by artist covering, here are the 16 songs I think freaking rock! Listen/watch HERE or below.

  1. Helden by Apocalyptica featuring Till Lindemann (original Heroes by David Bowie)
    What’s so great about this cover is the cellos and Till belting the tune out in German.
  2. American Girl by Donavon Frankenreiter (original Tom Petty)
    Donavon did 2 cover EPs called Recycled Recipes Part 1 & 2 and they are pretty damn fabulous, and this is just a beautiful cover.
  3. No Diggity by Passenger and Ed Sheeran (original Blackstreet)
    I’m not a huge fan of R&B, but I do love the original song and this cover is fun and all on guitar.
  4. Once in a Lifetime by The Exies (original Talking Heads)
    What a cover! I have seen The Exies perform this acoustic and plugged in and it’s just stunning and emotional.
  5. Gin & Juice by The Gourds (original Snoop Doggy Dog)
    Completely opposite of the original as it’s twangy and folkified.
  6. Don’t Explain by Herbie Hancock featuring Damien Rice & Lisa Hannigan (original Billy Holiday)
    Boy does this cover invoke the feels (as did the original), but the back and forth between Damien and Lisa’s vocals showcases emotions of a love being cheated on and it hurts.
  7. In the Air Tonight by Holly McNarland (original Phil Collins)
    Holly just gives so much emotion here. It’s just amazing.
  8. The Scientist by Johnette Napolitano and Danny Lohner (original by Coldplay)
    I have always loved the voice of Johnette from Concrete Blonde. Though the original is a lovely song, there is something more emotional wth Johnette singing it. You feel the heartache.
  9. Fancy by Kasabian (original Iggy Azalea)
    When rock bands do pop covers or rap covers, it can sometimes go bad, but not with this cover. I dislike the original but I can listen to this cover all damn day.
  10. Dreams by The Kills (original Fleetwood Mac)
    Love love love this cover. Honestly, The Kills can do no wrong in anything they do. I was torn between this and their cover of “Crazy” by Patsy Cline.
  11. State Trooper by Neon Trees (original by Bruce Springsteen)
    When pop bands do classic song covers, I get a little nervous, but damn, Neon Trees nails this cover beautifully. Video is below the YouTube videos.
  12. Running Up that Hill by Placebo (original by Kate Bush)
    One of my favorite covers ever. I didn’t think the song could get even sadder than the original but Placebo makes you feel the pain in this song.
  13. Pet Sematary by Rammstein (original Ramones)
    Keyboardist Flake pops away from his keys duty and takes the on vocals for this cover and it’s fantastic.
  14. I Turn My Camera On by Rock Kills Kid (original Spoon)
    Rock Kills Kids strays from the original falsetto style vocals and just nails this cover. In fact, their cover of this song mad me a Spoon fan.
  15. Wasted Years by Ryan Adams (original Iron Maiden)
    Talk about a cover that will blow your mind. This is it. Ryan does an absolute great cover of this Iron Maiden classic.
  16. Dancing in the Dark by Tom Smith of the Editors (original by Bruce Springsteen)
    Tom Smith’s version of this song gives me all the feels. It’s sad. It’s heartbreaking. You are there and you feel every thing. It is my favorite Springsteen cover.