Flash Fiction

30, 6 Word Sentences Tell a Story

The thought behind this is that I originally wanted to do a post a day on Twitter that were “6 word stories”, but I skipped that idea all together and decided to do 30 “6 word sentences” that in the end would tell a story in the inspiration of flash fiction. Here they are in order from start to end.

No longer needed. Heart for sale.
She gave him permission to ghost.
“I won’t wait around for you.”
“I love you,” he cried out.
She smiled. “Too late for that.”
She continued, “I gave you all.
It was never enough for you.
I now take back my heart.
I’ll give it to someone else.
They’ll appreciate it more than you.”
“But you love me,” he said.
“Loved. I’m not in love anymore.”
“Why did you stop?” he asked.
She answered, “I spilled my soul.
You replied with a thank you.
I didn’t expect words of poetry.
I did expect more than thanks.
Maybe I mattered. Maybe you cared.
Something more than just a thanks.
Two words, broke me down completely.
Two words ended years of feelings.
Just like that. The doors closed.
My heart is no longer yours.”
“Give me another chance,” he begged.
“I can’t. I’m too heart broken.
I trusted you to be different.
You threw me away like trash.
It hurt more than you’ll know.
I have to let you go.
Even if I love you so.