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100 Facts About Me 2.0

Back in 2012, I wrote 100 Facts About Me. It was freaking hard. As I stated then, it took me 10 months to write it. How does it take 10 months to write 100 facts about oneself?!? Who knows. This one only took only took 2 months.

Anyway, now it’s time for 100 Facts About Me 2.0.

insert drum roll…in no particular order, here it goes…

  1. I have self published 2 novels (The Sound of Madness and Barfly).
  2. I have self published 1 novella (Coffee and Conversations).
  3. The Sound of Madness is inspired by Shinedown’s album, THE SOUND OF MADNESS. Each song title appears in the novel at least once.
  4. I have written 5 novels and 1 novella (Coffee and Conversations (novella) The Sound of Madness, Barfly, The Dumbing Down of Love (720 Hours in a Relationship), and 2 in high school who’s names I cannot recall but 1 was a vampire romance, no sparkling vamps, and one very sappy romance).
  5. Barfly was titled after and inspired by the song “Barfly” by Ray LaMontagne
  6. The Dumbing Down of Love was titled after and inspired by the song “The Dumbing Down of Love” by Frou Frou
  7. I have written more in 2017 than I did in 2015 and 2016.
  8. When I’m writing, I normally do not have the entire novel outlined, just the scenes I know I want to happen and the rest I just wing.
  9. I have wanted to move and live in Australia since I was in my 20’s and now in my 40’s, I am finally living that dream. I pinch myself every day as I still can’t believe it’s actually real.
  10. People are always surprised by my age. I thank my mama’s genes and my lust for life.
  11. I have 13 tattoos:
    • bear holding a flower on my right shoulder (aka my traveling companion)
    • Woodstock from Peanuts on my right heel
    • an anchor/Scorpio on my left ankle
    • a lotus flower on my lower back, a cover up of a butterfly I had there
    • Chinese zodiac symbol for rabbit on the back of my neck
    • sunburst below the rabbit on the back of my neck
    • on my left arm/shoulder flowers and lyrics that incorporate a pre-existing tattoo of an Air Force symbol for my dad, orchid for my mom & the letter “S”
    • the constellation of the Southern Cross on my right arm with 2 of my favorite quotes: “The time is now” from a Jimmy Buffett song and “dare to be” said by Lloyd Dobler in the movie Say Anything.
    • bass clef shaped into a 4 leaf clover (my music note of good luck)
    • La Vie Dansante on my right arm in my niece Riley’s handwriting
    • The Dancing Life on my left arm in my niece Taylor’s handwriting (it’s a translation of the above)
    • a Vegvísir (Icelandic magical stave) on my right wrist
    • part of the BLACKSTAR album cover by Bowie with the lyrics “I’ve got scars that can’t be seen”
  12. Nov 2015-Jan 2016, I traveled 9,200 miles (14,800 km) by car around Australia
  13. Nov 2015-Jan 2016, I traveled 241 miles (387 km) by foot around Australia
  14. I have visited 4 of the 6 Australian States, (the 2 I still need to visit are Tasmania & Western Australia)
  15. I have done the following Australian Drives
    • Pacific Coast Route from Sydney, NSW to Cairns, QLD
    • Overlanders Way
    • Explorers Way
    • Red Centre Way
    • Great Ocean Road
    • 3/4 of the Great Southern Way
  16. Still not a Facebook fan
  17. Still a Twitter fan
  18. Still a Rammstein fan
  19. Might have totally squealed & fan-girled when Cameron Crowe started following me on Twitter in January of this year. It was after I wrote “An Ode to Cameron Crowe”.
  20. I still live my life by my favorite movie quote “I’m looking for a dare to be great situation” by Lloyd Dobler in Say Anything (directed by Cameron Crowe).
  21. I have watched all 10 seasons and both movies of The X-Files (can’t wait for season 11).
  22. I have read more books in 2016-2017 than I did in 2012-2015
  23. I got on dating apps for the 1st time here in Australia. It lasted 3 months.
  24. In regards to dating apps, I can’t say I regret getting on them because I learned from my mistakes, but I will never get back on dating apps.
  25. I thought I met “my person” on one of those dating apps. I fell for him hook, line, & sinker. He didn’t see “his person” in me.
  26. I didn’t believe in love until I met him.
  27. I miss my Gin Mill family a shit ton. Even when I felt alone, I was never alone with them.
  28. I do not have a replacement Gin Mill family here in Australia yet. It’s also ridiculously expensive to drink in Australia. $8.00 for a bottle of beer that’s their answer to Miller/Budweiser makes me cringe and I don’t even want to talk about $9.00 house booze and mixers.
  29. Coffee is a tad bit cheaper here than in the US, but most of their coffeehouses don’t have fancy smancy drinks like what Starbucks serves.
  30. I miss American black coffee. Coffee not made from espresso beans but from coffee beans. I would kick a baby for a pot  of diner type coffee.
  31. I miss my blood family. We’re a tough little group. We survive. Like I said before, they mean the world to me but they are not necessarily my world. We go days and sometimes weeks without even talking. It doesn’t mean I love them any less or they love me any less.
  32. I do talk to my dad every day. Even if sometimes it’s only a good morning or good night.
  33. I hope my nieces are inspired by decision to move to Australia and that they realize it is never too late to go after something you dream about.
  34. I hope others are inspired by decision to move to Australia and that it inspires them to chase their dreams too.
  35. Though she’s not with me, I talk to my mama every day. God, I miss her.
  36. Still don’t want kids.
  37. Still can quote Goonies & Spaceballs.
  38. Bowie’s death and his album BLACKSTAR, reignited my obsession of Bowie.
  39. Finally started collecting records this year. I put it off back in the States because I knew I would be chasing my dream to Australia. I regret putting it off.
  40. As much as I hate cold and snowy weather, I said that if Australia didn’t work out, I’d move to Iceland in a heartbeat. There is something magical about that place.
  41. There are times, I still don’t think of myself as a writer.
  42. I have grown less patient with slow moving people.
  43. I have grown less patient with putting up with other people’s negativity and attitudes.
  44. Still hate running.
  45. Still find a zen like peace in running.
  46. I miss the hell out of sitting in an ice hockey arena and getting lost in a hockey game for 2 hours.
  47. I miss bacon. Crispy American bacon. Not this “streaky” bacon Australia has.
  48. I miss pinto beans and cornbread.
  49. I don’t care if it’s a Southern thing, I freaking miss Duke’s Mayonnaise.
  50. Even though I’m not in the music/live entertainment industry anymore, I still listen to music about 16 hours a day.
  51. Even though I still listen to a lot of music, I am SO out of touch with current music.
  52. Thanks to Nick for the introduction, I am obsessed with music by Divinyls and Models. (Both Aussie bands)
  53. Also thanks to Nick, I have a finer appreciation for the Sex Pistols.
  54. I still do not know how to celestial navigate.
  55. I still do not know how to surf.
  56. I do not have or own a car in Australia.
  57. I do not miss having/owning a car at all.
  58. I still love walking around cities/places and not having a car allows me and forces me to explore with the resources I have: my feet, train, or bus.
  59. I don’t get Australia’s love of the game cricket.
  60. I still have not mastered Russian or German.
  61. Kevin Fogarty still knows when I need a smile even if I’m 47 million miles away!
  62. Apparently, according to my girls, Amy & Mel, I’m an emotional badass who can speak her feelings. I think they’re nuts, but I understand why they say it. I don’t know how to not be honest with my feelings.
  63. I love naps.
  64. Hell, I just love sleeping.
  65. In Australia, I currently only religiously watch 2 shows on television: Doctor Who and Bob’s Burgers.
  66. I however do religiously watch the new season of Twin Peaks and RuPaul’s Drag Race. God bless you Stan! (Aussie version of Netflix … they have Netflix too)
  67. I feel that I am the only Doctor Who fan who disliked Rose. I thought Rory was the best companion.
  68. My favorite Doctor is the 11th Doctor. (I was never a fan of the 10th Doctor, he was a bit smug for me.)
  69. My favorite episode is “Blink.”
  70. I miss going to concerts on a weekly basis and seeing bands live.
  71. I have only seen about 15 shows since Nov 2015. It is so strange to have gone from seeing a live show at least once a week to only about 15 in almost 2 years.
  72. Since 2012, I have written Songs of My Life each month.
  73. Blog wise, I wrote less in 2016 than in previous years (2009 would the only year that was less by 2 posts).
  74. The quote “I’d rather be hurt by the truth than comforted with a lie” is something I hold value in. I would rather you tell me the truth in all its pain and glory versus trying to spare my feelings with a lie. Be honest.
  75. I have spent more time in libraries here in Australia than I believe in all of my school years.
  76. I miss my dog and I miss having a dog and I miss having a life form excited to see me.
  77. A lot of people think I am an outgoing extrovert, but that’s a facade I put on to survive.
  78. Reality of the above is I’m a very shy introvert and would rather spend my time drinking coffee and writing all day.
  79. I sometimes hibernate on the weekends: never leaving the comfort of my apartment because I need to recharge myself to put on the outgoing extrovert self.
  80. Ran a international half marathon (through USA/Canada) and it took 3:30 hours.
  81. The above made me never want to try a full marathon.
  82. I don’t understand boredom, I could stare at the ceiling for hours and be content.
  83. My neat freak self and my sloth self are always in battle. I’ve learned there is fine balance and if I am the extreme of one or the other, then I usually am in a mental battle with myself.
  84. I prefer writing with pencils over pens.
  85. If I’m writing with a pen, it’s usually a Sharpie pen (or something similar).
  86. I have more writing journals than should be allowed and none of them are filled from start to end.
  87. I believe in the power of smudging.
  88. My memory to remember things I’ve read or seen, sucks but I can usually name a song/artist easily.
  89. I have stayed up for over 24 hours for work once and it sucked giant donkey balls. I started hallucinating and was cranky as shit. Never. Again. I’ll take lack of sleep versus no sleep any day of the week.
  90. I have done 36 shots in one night. I have also chugged a bottle of Amaretto. Never. Again. Just thinking about either night makes me want to vomit.
  91. There is nothing better than putting on headphones and listening to music while you lay in the dark.
  92. Coming up with another 100 facts was damn hard I tell ya. Damn. Fucking. Hard.
  93. There is a 99.9% chance that if I tell you good night at 11:00pm, I will be asleep by 11:01pm.
  94. Still think we should adhere to this John Sebastian quote: “Just love everybody all around ya and clean up a little garbage on your way out and everything gonna be alright.”
  95. I still make a wish when I see the time on the clock at 11:11 or 10:10 or 12:12.
  96. When it is any of the times above, I make sure to pay extra attention as I know that my spirit guides may be trying to send me a message.
  97. Yes, I believe in spirit guides.
  98. I believe my totem is a scarab and wear a ring for it.
  99. I still wish upon a star every night.
  100. I’m a dreamer. I dream big, ask for the galaxy, and hope to catch a falling star.

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