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Songs of My Life: October 2017

Looking back on October, I didn’t sense an overall theme or feeling. Just songs that marked moments, thoughts, feelings. October was a bit of a weird one for me. Neither blah or awesome. It just existed. Just.

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“A Better Future” by David Bowie
From his HEATHEN album, which was considered a comeback for Bowie on the charts, but let’s be honest, it’s Bowie. There’s no comeback if you never really leave right? Anyway, this song spun into my world and hit me in the guts with these lyrics: “I demand a better future. I might just stop wanting you. I might just stop needing you. I might just stop loving you.”

“Jack Daniels” by Eric Church
I do love me some tunes by Eric Church. In my younger days, when I started drinking, I’d order 4 shots of Jack at the beginning of the night and be done drinking. I’m a little wiser but not always smarter and sometimes a JD hangover still happens. These lyrics: “…That black label’s like black powder for my soul. My head feels like a bomb about to blow. Hell I’m half inclined to give that fuse a light, and let Jack Daniels kick my ass again tonight.”

“Tired of Talking” by Léon
This stumbled into my music play list while I was putting a playlist together for a friend. Boy, did it speak to me. These lyrics: “…Cause I’ve been nothing but good to you. You’re howlin’ into the night won’t do. I’m tired of talking, talking, talking, talking. I’ve been nothing but good to you. Every moment my heart went black and cold. Nothing stings as much like never knowing…”

“That Ain’t No Banjo” by Tater
Good ol’ hillbilly folk fun! I dare you not to tap your toes.

“Best Friend” by Sofi Tukker
This one is courtesy of Amy. Instead of good ol’ hillbilly fun, this is just pop fun! This is for all my besties out there. I love and miss your faces!!

“Surround Me” by Léon
Another one courtesy of Amy. These lyrics: “Wasn’t gonna go out. I was gonna stay in. Another Friday night on my own, then I started drinking…Oh, every time you cross my mind, I get stupid…”

“Fuck You” by Burn Halo
Sometimes a crap week gets an anthem. This is one of anthems for when people, places, and things suck. The title says it all. These lyrics: “…I now stand on my own and I found a new direction, far from darkness. I have overcome all. My heart’s been tried and tested. Strength is with me…”

“Survive a Little Lonely” by Rob Grad
A great song by my friend Rob. Boy did he capture that emotion of being and feeling lonely and like he sings: “…I’m still here, I can survive a little lonely…”

“Little Thing Gone Wild” by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Can’t get enough of the new BRMC. This is one infectious jam. Looking forward to hearing the full album!

“To Be Without You” by Ryan Adams
On a rainy Monday morning, these lyrics hit me in the feels: “…Stinging from the storm inside my ribs where it thunders. Nothing left to say or really even wonder. We are like a book and every page is so torn. Nothing really matters anymore…I feel empty, I feel tired, I feel worn…”

“What’s Happenin’” by Ying Yang Twins
This has been my go to feel good song this month.

“Psycho Killer” by Talking Heads
This played on the overhead while waiting for Adam Ant to start and hearing it just made me realize how much fun this song is. You can’t be in a bad mood while listening to it.

“Ants Invasion” by Adam Ant
This might have been my favorite live song that Adam performed when I saw him on Oct 13th. These lyrics: “…I hope I’ve made the right decision. Heart is beating I’m alive but I don’t call this living…I think I’ve made the wrong decision. Another lifeless man with a strange incision…”

“Chrome” by Matthew Ryan
This is one of my favorite Matthew Ryan songs. It always hits my hearts. These lyrics: “…well, in case you didn’t know I’ve got a heart made of chrome. It’s been bent ’til it was twisted and in case you didn’t know I’ve got a heart made of chrome. It’s been burned but it’s still willing to try and shine…”

“Maybellene” by Chuck Berry
My grandma, Ruth Taylor, passed away on October 17, 2017. This was her favorite song and they played it at her funeral. This song is for her.

“Bad Love” by RY X
Digging on the new RY X. I like the down tempo feel and mood.

“SWERLK” by MNDR & Scissor Sisters
There is a 99.9% that if Scissor Sisters are involved I am going to love it and it’s going to be amazing. This song is SO much fun and was needed in my life this month!

“Flamethrower” by Econoline Crush
Sunday iTunes Shuffles Session gave me this gem. Damn, it’s still infectious.

“Betrayal” by Black Maria
I was (still am) such a fan of this band when they came out in the early 2000’s. This was one of my favorites by them.

“All I Wanted” by Matthew Ryan
On sunny Tuesday morning, this song brought me to tears. These lyrics: “…Something just broke inside…Don’t put your heart in the hands of imbeciles. You could end up worse  than dead or killed…”

“Fault Line” by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
This song played right after the above song. It just seemed apropos. I understood the lyrics.