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REVIEW: Need You by Aeora

photo by Michelle He Do you know what I needed in my life this week?


If you read any of my previous posts or follow me on social media, you know I speak from my heart and occasionally from my brain. I was aware this song came out this week because of a tweet by LANKS and I had made a note to “listen to it” this weekend.

I am so happy I did not wait.

I needed to hear this song like I needed air to live.

To say it hit me in the feels is an understatement. This song brought me to my emotional knees for 4 minutes and 18 seconds.

In the beginning of the song, I was taken back to my childhood by Aeora’s voice and the beat/percussions. It was reminiscent to being in church and hearing the bassy and low booming voice in the choir sing “Swing Low Sweet Chariot”. The voice of God (or higher being of your choice) had been heard. The voice of God as I was hearing, just happened to be Aeora’s but if I’m honest, it’s more angelic than God-like. I say this as no one ever says “voice of God” unless they’re bat shit crazy and taking orders from their table lamp, but you do often hear “voice of an angel” and we all know that voices like that are the ones that make you weep.

In “Need You”, Aeora’s voice is heartfelt and raw with emotion. With her voice, she is able to manipulate the lyrics that were co-written by LANKS and be questioning, strong, tender and at moments completely vulnerable in her pain.

After listening to “Need You” on repeat for 10 times or so, I finally opened the press release about “Need You” and read what Aeora said about the song: “reflecting on a relationship – the doubts, the love and the pain. It’s about reflecting upon my own idea of being independent and still needing someone else, and telling myself that it’s okay”.

The trifecta of lyrics, voice, and music make this song beautifully poetic and a song every person can understand no matter where they are in their life.

The lyrics that made me raise my hand and say “amen” were: “I see it sink in your bones but are we playing games here? Are we too comfortable? Are we running from the shadows and a past that lingers on?”

I have played “Need You” on repeat over the last 24 hours and each listen presents something new. This is a song that will stand the test of time lyrically, vocally, and musically. The vibe of the song is the right mix of electronic and pop with a dash of soul thrown in to make it a perfect and beautiful ode to what it’s like being in a human relationship.

Do yourself a favor and listen to “Need You” now.

“Need You” was written by Aeora & LANKS, produced by Haxx & Aeora, and mastered by Joe Lambert.
Single art photography and featured image are by Michelle He

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