November Haikus

Another month down. One to go!
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November 30
dare not wake me
reality is too harsh
for this healing heart

November 29
timeless friends
single moments in space
caught on celluloid and tape

November 28
setting moon
signaling day beginning
come back and sing me to sleep

November 27
sunny days ahead
summer laughter
sweating souls seeking shade

November 26
moments lost
memories forgotten
nothingness felt

November 25
silent morning long slumber
no clanging garbage trucks
is what I want

November 24
Friday excitement
lazy weekend ahead
week coming to end

November 23
a heart beats for you
neglect its existence
a heart broken by you

November 22
a perfect rainy day
for close encounters
magic mirrors and love

November 21
long distance calls
seeing family, feeling loved
reasons I am blessed

November 20
the devil is waiting
in the dark corners
laughing for a soul

November 19
empty voids
swallowing darkness
taking my heart and soul

November 18
quiet morning
shattered by noise
at least the garbage is now gone

November 17
no artificial flavor
your heart is pure gold
cherished friendship with you

November 16
life begins when
before it starts or
when your shit is together

November 15
silence speaks volumes
empty actions show your truth
nothing is what I mean

November 14
tired soul and mind
no sleep can replenish
too exhausted to live and breathe

November 13
tired heart broken soul
giving up giving in
walking away from you

November 12
lazy days in bed
reading and coffee
that’s what Sundays are for

November 11
you hide with your fears
cower in the darkness
feeling invincible

November 10
see through devil vodka
amber gold whiskey
colors that console

November 9
devil’s companion
bathed in whiskey gold
save me from this heart of mine

November 8
alone in a crowded place
thoughts consumed by you
a battle to not love

November 7
quiet nights waiting
silence in the darkness
nothing left but sadness

November 6
gray skies and rain
monday wallows in the pain
with nothing left to gain

November 5
sifting through ashes
shattered pieces
embers of a broken soul losing glow

November 4
shining light guide me
angels whispering how
full moon nourish my soul

November 3
closer to the edge
old treasures become lost
endless circle life death

November 2
broken but not giving up
shattered and in pieces
need air can’t breathe

November 1
idle threats reveal cowardice
words do not motivate
hide behind faults

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