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Songs of My Life: December 2017

The first part of December was a bit of a struggle mentally and emotionally for me. As I neared the anniversary of my mom’s death, I honestly didn’t think I could take any more tears or pain. My soul rallied and we made it through and have set the intentions for an amazing 2018. Here are the songs that helped and inspired me this month.

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“Amazing Grace” by Aaron Neville
I have never been a very religious person nor am I currently a very religious person and what religiousness I had disappeared on December 17, 2009 but there is something about “Amazing Grace” that gives me chills and Aaron Neville’s version always brings tears to my eyes. On a sunny Saturday, this song brought me to my knees.

“Get Out of Your Own Way” by U2
Currently my favorite track from SONGS OF EXPERIENCE. I connected with these lyrics: “…Love hurts. Now you look out, who’s left with no words? Your heart’s a balloon, but then it bursts. It doesn’t take a cannon, just a pin…I could sing it to you all night, all night. If I could, I’d make it alright, alright. Nothing’s stopping you except what’s inside. I can help you, but it’s your fight…”

“This Accent” by The Cadillac Three
This song just reminds me of home. You can take the girl out of the South, but you can’t take the South of the girl.

“Tourniquet” by Marilyn Manson
It was these lyrics: “…Take your hatred out on me…You never ever believed in me. I am your tourniquet…” Made realize that some people do not care at all.

“Every Breaking Wave” by U2
Don’t remember the exact moment or reason why I added this song but I am pretty sure it did have something to do with these lyrics: “…if you go your way and I go mine. Are we so helpless against the tide? Baby, every dog on the street knows that we’re in love with defeat. Are we ready to be swept off our feet and stop chasing every breaking wave?”

“Burn You Down” by Opiate for the Masses
The first half of December’s mental mood could be summed up with lyrics from this song: “…I feel no pain it makes me think I’m alive, but barely well…Gettin’ burned again. Feels so good, I’ll smile. I’ll smile and say I’m doin’ fine…I wanna burn you down, shoot to kill, twist the blade until you feel, turn you on, get you off, promise never to reveal…”

“Setting Forth” by Glen Hansard
Well, this song hit me in the heart and soul. Damn you Glen! Damn you for making me feel feelings I’ve been trying to so hard to ignore!  “…there’s been a distance and your words are so unclear and these lies and your resistance they gotta disappear…I’m setting forth with my instinct. I’m setting forth with my doubts. I’m letting go of us completely. Yeah, I’m getting out. And I don’t know where all of this is gonna leave us but it’s time we both found out…”

“Naked” by Opiate for the Masses
The MANIFESTO album is just a solid rocker from this band and this song caught me with these lyrics: “…Throw me away, just like I am nothing…Bruised, scarred and shaken. I stand here naked. Sitting numb on your throne. How weak your kingdom has grown. I’m going to be the straw that finally breaks it. Once a reflection of you. Now you’re a fraction of this. When table’s turn the world is recreated.”

“Run Rabbit Run” by Matthew Ryan
This is my favourite song from HUSTLE UP STARLINGS and since it came out, I find myself singing the chorus “…it goes on and on and on. Don’t get stuck just run rabbit run…” a lot. Especially when I am I feeling stuck in depression. I acknowledge where and what I am feeling and tell myself to run. This month, it was these lyrics that hit me: “…Something’s wrong. You know there is.  Don’t let your heart go out like this. Ah fuck this place. It’s a trap. Always pulling blades from your back…” I let my heart get stuck. I ignored everything. The last two months I’ve realized what an idiot I’ve been. Now, I’m doing just as the song says, “run rabbit run…”

“Breed” by Story of the Year

“Fool for You” by Wild Smiles
I didn’t even know I owned this song. I’m sure it was a free download of the week when iTunes was cool like that. Anyway, it spun into play and I thought 2 things: Definitely going on the list. Been there, done all of this. These lyrics: “Lettin’ go of memories, takin’ picures down. Time to get a grip on things, turn my life around. ‘Cause I’m a fool for you…”

“Alabama Sky” by Gareth Asher and the Earthlings
Gareth always has the words and music that will hit a person in the soul. Boy, does he it here with this song. These lyrics: “You gave me nothing. I’m done being dry. If you’re the last drink of water. I am ready to die. So tired of reaching. I’m so tired of reaching for something that was never mine…”

“Chains” by Duran Duran
D2’s ASTRONAUT album is one of my favorites. Of course, I love the pop side of D2 but I also love the serious side of them as well and this song is where that lands. As I listened, it just seemed a perfect description of battling the demons in your head: “…The ghosts are creepin’ in. Are gathering around me…But the life cannot let go. It’s a chain cuts across my soul. Anchoring in this world, I put my hand into the flame. Burning but I feel no pain…”

“Messages” by Xavier Rudd
It’s been a hot minute since Xavier has been on a playlist, but I think this song was needed for my heart, mind, soul, and spirit and is a perfect way to close out the songs of 2017. I always ask The Universe, my mama, and spirit guides for messages and signs and sometimes they just send a song to you that says, “hey dumbass, are you listening?” I am listening. These lyrics: “…Look to your soul for these things that you know…You know some people they just won’t understand. They just wont understand these things…So hold nice and close the ones that get to your soul. So that when it is cold you wont feel so alone. ‘Cause the roads that you take may just crack and break. With the changes you will confront. With each gift that you share. You may heal and repair. With each choice that you make. You may help someone’s day. Well I know you are strong. May your journey be long. Now I wish you the best of luck…”

Photo by Ghost Presenter from Pexels.