December Haikus

360 days of haikus. I started writing these on a whim on January 6th after I read  “The Portable Jack Kerouac”. I gave myself a challenge to write every day and though it might not have been my traditional style of writing or my preferred style of writing, I wrote 3 lines every day. I don’t think I’ll be continuing my daily haikus into 2018. I think it’s time to focus on writing my novel that’s been in the works for over a decade. I’ve learned from these haikus though and I’ve expressed some raw emotions in some. Through them I was able to exorcise demons, confess feelings and just let go.

December 31
year is ending
celebrating a life lived
letting go of all

December 30
winds carry a memory
embedded on a scent
lifted by longing

December 29
rustling wind
dancing leaves
rainfall silencing it all

December 28
ache in my bones
deep within my soul
leave now I need peace

December 27
running sucks
but enjoy the zen
sunshine and scenery

December 26
life of change
unbound by chains
free to follow faith or destiny

December 25
silent winds howl loudly
echoes off decaying walls
chill on my spine and flesh

December 24
christmas eve
quiet streets
waiting for loved ones to meet

December 23
sleep evades
on Saturday mornings
escaping through open windows

December 22
coffee and patience
please get me through
last day before the holidays

December 21
rushing train
grumpy passengers
tis the season of bah humbug

December 20
seduced by the music
lost in the sound
cure for things that ail

December 19
sunshine daydreaming
blue skies endless
summer days longer than summer nights

December 18
emptiness without you
hole in my heart
want to hear goodnight baby again

December 17
I’d take the TARDIS
back in space and time
just to hug you again

December 16
pain is as fresh
as day you passed
harder to breathe today than yesterday

December 15
death of a mother
lost faith hope and trust
in a once believed god

December 14
time does not heal all wounds
your voice cannot be replaced
by a ticking clock

December 13
aura doesn’t even glow
blends into the white wall
too tired to shine

December 12
razor blade serenades
dance with the devil
while embracing night

December 11
summer soaring
sun filled blue skies
enjoying quiet moments of peace

December 10
profound silence
echoes and reverberates
nothingness and sadness

December 9
sunlight and coffee
summer breeze keeping me cool
lazy days meant for me

December 8
cracked sidewalks broken pavement
memories fill them
discarded trash

December 7
realization of truth
am nothing to you
my silence is my heartache

December 6
long sleepless night
brain wired frought with thoughts
tired morning and crabby mood

December 5
dreaming of a place
where memories don’t fade
feelings never change

December 4
wild boredom sets
fearlessness begins within
jump into unknown

December 3
silence on a Sunday morning
would be a delight
damn garbage truck ruins my blithe

December 2
whiskey whispers
silencing darkness within
comforting amber my drug

December 1
flowering sun and
spring time rain have me
drowning in shallow puddles