Round and Round

Life on the blue and green planet spins round and round.
That’s how it is.
That’s how it always will be.
Until the end of time.
Whenever that is.
Existence evolves and sometimes devolves, but more often than not, it evolves.
Hopefully, it evolves for the better, but it is not always the case.
The human spirit usually sees the wrong and fixes its mistakes. Sometimes too late, but always fixes its mistakes.
It’s what saves humanity.
The cruel is crippled by the kind.
The hate is overcome by love.
Sometimes cruel and hate seem to be winning, but underneath that current of hurt and lies is a stream of kind and love.
It will always over power.
It will always win.
Round and round we go.
Round and round we go through time and space.
It is.
It always will be.
Round and round.


Inspired from “Round and Round” from SOUND + VISION.
This is Bowie’s cover of Chuck Berry’s “Around and Around”.