luigi-player-one-readyExist Loudly

Player One, Ready!

If you don’t get the reference, it’s from playing video games. Specifically arcade games (for me anyway). You dropped your money into the slot and pressed how many players there were and off you go battling your little heart out until you ran out of lives.

Just like life, minus the multiple lives.

But before the game started, it would always say, Player One, Ready! (If it was your go.)

This week, I have said that phrase to more than one close friend. Each of us are in various stages of our lives and we all are just a bit disgruntled in the male species (some female species, but mostly men). So much so, that being single, a player one so to speak, in the game of life seems a lot more appealing than having someone to play against/with (aka Player Two).

In a conversation I had with my dear friend Krissie we inadvertently came up with “PAC-Man or Ms PAC-Man’s Metaphors For Life”.


  • Beat this board (live your life).


  • Avoid the ghosts that drain your energy (negative thoughts, energies, emotions, people)
  • Chug those power pellets (be healthy)
  • Fruit is good for you 🍎🍊🍓🍇🍉🍌🍒 (eat healthy)
  • Eventually you meet your PAC-Man or Ms PAC-Man. You just gotta have patience for the right partner to come around
  • It’s okay to skip the PAC-Man Jr. bit (that game sucked anyway and kids aren’t for everyone)

Never give up.

Clear that board.

Level up.

Player One, Ready!