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Songs of My Life: January 2018

I didn’t make any resolutions for 2018. I did make targets I’d like to reach as you can always step back and realign if necessary. I think if you label things as a resolution or goal and you stumble, it seems like immediate failure. I’ve had this target mindset since 2012 and it’s worked and I don’t see it not working for 2018. The month of January was one filled with epiphanies and realizations, both good. Mars is in Sagittarius right now and tonight there is a total lunar eclipse during the full moon. I’m ready to see what it amazingness both fill me with. January has just been about that…accepting “it is what it is and what it never was” and realizing in the end, it’s okay.

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“Come for Me” by Peter Searcy
I grabbed the mega iPod (6th generation 120 GB) that has a back up of all of my music and hit shuffle. This is the first song I heard in 2018. It was kind of appropriate for my new 2018 outlook (letting go of thoughts, feelings, emotions, people, and situations that are draining). This song sent the positivity mood in motion. Sadly, this song is not on Sound Cloud, Spotify or YouTube. I was fortunate to receive an advance copy of TRUST FALLS from Peter but the album never came out. Just trust me. It’s a good song.

“A Million Things” by Brian Vander Ark
God bless iTunes on shuffle. This gem of a song resonated lyrically with me. These lyrics: “…There’s a million things I wish you were, but what’s for sure is one thing I wish you were not. I wish you weren’t the one to leave me stranded Here empty handed with a head full of wishes…”

“I Love You Too Much” by Shea Seger
I played Shea’s 2000 release THE MAY STREET PROJECT on incessant repeat when it came out. Especially her track “Clutch”. When I am playing the mega iPod or iTunes on shuffle, I believe it conspires with the Universe to give me music I need to hear. I read a great quote somewhere that said if you truly love someone you want them to be happy and this song reminded me that I can love, let go, and wish the other person nothing but happiness. “…I’ve entertained your point of view. I’ve gone so far as to even follow you. Maybe now you’ll see…I love you too much baby for you to be with me. I love you too much baby. I know you wanna be free…I’m gonna set you free…”

“Getting Down” by The Kills
Pick a day after work and this song was the song that was played on repeat from the moment I got on the bus to the moment I stepped into my apartment building. It was just a lift and fun that I needed to hear.

“Killing the Ghost” by Matthew Ryan
Seriously, I adore Matthew Ryan and his music and this is one of my favorite songs by him. I have always loved the opening line “There’s a murder in the clover…” For me, I see the murder of black crows against emerald green fields of clover. Matthew just knows how to paint pictures with his lyrics. But it was these lyrics that had me saying A-FUCKING-MEN since my spiritual goal is to be killing all sorts of ghosts in 2018. “…Never knew who you were, now I know what you are. I will carve you from my life. I couldn’t care less, it feels all right. I’m cutting it close…I’m killing the ghost…”

“Magazine” by Editors
New song from Editors. That’s all you need to know. NEW FUCKING EDITORS. PS, Tom is super swoon worthy in the video. Sucker for a good looking fella in a tailored to perfection suit.

“Ninth Configuration” by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
I really, really wanted to fall head over hills in love with BRMC’s latest WRONG CREATURES, but it didn’t live up to my hopes. Is it a good album? Yes, but as I said in a previous post about BRMC, this album falls under whoa-is-me-I’m-a-depressed-heroin-addict album. Having said that, the chorus to this song is soul piercing. “…I stem the whispers. I kill my cure. You won’t stop dead until this world is yours. I dim the speakers I bang my drum. You won’t stop here until the scare is gone…”

“Love and Luck” by Jimmy Buffett
These lyrics. That is all. “Better days are in the cards, I can feel it. Feel it in the changing winds, feel it when I fly…Everybody needs a little good luck charm. A little gris-gris keeps us safe from harm…”

“Ocean of Night” by Editors
My favorite song from their 2015 release IN DREAMS, this song always lifts my spirit and soul. I listened to it a lot as a reminder that 2018 is my chance to change all that I was disappointed with in 2017. These lyrics: “Under the ocean of stars. This is your slow dance and this is your chance to transform. Lost to a moment. The moment you confront the storm…”

“Follow the Leader” by Matthew Ryan
This song may very well be my favorite Matthew song. It’s hauntingly beautiful and I just love it.

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