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Songs of My Life: February 2018

I gave myself a challenge on February to post one new piece of writing every day. Be it a poem, thoughts, etc. You can read all the pieces HERE. Some were inspired by feelings, thoughts, emotions, reactions, events and so on. Things I learned from that challenge: I wrote a poem (Innocence’s Caress) that reminded someone of Catullus 85 by Catullus and that was pretty rad that I reminded someone of a Latin poet from the 54 BC era. I also wrote 7 poems about the seven deadly sins. 4 were easy to write, 3 were a pain in the ass to write. I’m happy to be finished with February’s impromptu writing challenge. Musically, the month was all over the place and there was no theme or message from what I I see and hear and that is okay. I feel that when there is no clear theme or message I’m doing the right things and am where I’m suppose to be.

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“The Crystal Ballroom” by U2
One evening as I rounded the corner on the street I live, these lyrics caught my ear: “We’re the ghosts of love and we haunt this place. We’re the ghosts of love in every face. In the ballroom of the crystal lights everyone’s here with me tonight. Everyone but you.” There was something in those lyrics that just struck me.

“Pretending” by HIM
One of my favorite songs by HIM. I’ve always loved the lyrics and how Ville sings this song. There’s no particular reason I added this song other than I heard it and was like “yep, going on the list.”

“Whatever It Takes” by Imagine Dragons
I just fucking love this song and it puts me in a good mood.

“Whoever You Love I’m Cool” by Jeffe
Discovered Jeffe through Aussie artist LANKS. He announced she was opening up for him on his Sydney date and I of course had to go give a listen and I’m glad I did. This song is the perfect soundtrack to a black and white film on a rainy day as the leading lady looks into a Paris cafe window and sees her love with another.

“The Good Ones” by The Kills
This song made me a fan of The Kills. This song reminded me why I love The Kills.

“Fake Leather Jacket” by Eighteen Visions
I love 18V. Upon listening to the lyrics, I can only assume this song is about broken promises and being lied to. For me, what clicked with the song was realizing some people are not who you thought they were and that maybe they weren’t the decent person you thought they were. These lyrics: “…but youʼre just so epic full of shit and I donʼt wanna hear another word.  Your arrogance, it makes me sick as I feel my stomach turn. And I donʼt need a reason, I think youʼre aware of all the hearts youʼve broken, but you donʼt seem to care. So donʼt you dare. Cause I think you know. Donʼt you dare face me alone…”

“Island” by Jimmy Buffett
Key West has been on my mind a lot this month. This song is how I feel about that tiny island in the ocean.

“Tin Cup Chalice” by Jimmy Buffett
Continuing with the love of Key West, this song sums up in near perfection how much I love that place.

“Forgiveness” by Editors
I’ve been singing the chorus to this song the last few days and I think it’s these the lyrics that made the song stick with me: “The flag in your hand don’t make you American. Stripping your soul back, be forever young, forever young…Forgiveness makes fools of all of us…”

“Origami” by Woodes
I had the extreme joy of seeing Woodes open up for Sylvan Esso at the beginning of February and I just am digging on this song. It’s catchy, infectious and beautifully crafted song.

“Hallelujah (So Low)” by Editors
NEW EDITORS TRACK!!! <–beyond excited. This song is amaze-balls. Loud crunchy guitars! I am living for this track. March 9th cannot come fast enough because I need the full length album in my life.

“Walk Away” by Xavier Rudd
It’s been a hot minute since Xavier released a studio album and on my initial listen I wasn’t completely vibing with the song, but after a few listening sessions, I’m in for this song’s message: “…Walk away from all that you know. Walk away and hold your own…”

“Baby, I Love You” by Ryan Adams
New Ryan Adams. Period.