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Songs of My Life: April 2018

With April ending in a Scorpio Full Moon in Pluto Retrograde, for me it means I am celebrating my evolution which is very apropos as this month I’ve grown mentally, spiritually and energetically. I’ve shed old ways and I am now comfortable in my skin again.

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“Head Down” by Our Lady Peace
I can’t remember the moment I added this song, but I remember why, these lyrics: “Head down wait for tomorrow. Dark days soon will be over. I’ll find my place in the sun…Nothing is wrong. We wait, we pray…” At the end of March, I found myself having to explain to people what depression and anxiety feels like, but there are no words that can describe it and it really didn’t matter what I said as these two people didn’t believe that anxiety, depression or any mental sickness is real. I connected to this song at the beginning of April because as someone who battles mental demons, there are days you do just what the song says, “head down, wait for tomorrow.”

“Mana” by Xavier Rudd
If you know me or read this site regularly, you know of my love for Xavier Rudd. I finally got to see him in Australia after having seen him multiple times in the US and it was just as amazing but probably a little more awe-inspiring since it was his home country. I call listening to him, my religion as I feel connected to the Universe while listening and it was much needed. Nothing better than getting see Xavier on Friday the 13th. See video below.

“Zerstoren” by Rammstein
On the opposite end of the music spectrum, is “Zerstoren”. Though, I oddly get the same zen like feeling when I listen to them as well. While “Mana” is about spiritual or healing energies, “Zerstoren” is about destroying and that is why these two songs fit in my world. I destroy what no longer serves me and heal myself.

“Last Train” by Our Lady Peace
April could have honestly been filled with OLP and Xavier Rudd songs, but this song just reminded me we all are fighting some pain and get through life by doing something that makes us feel better or closer to the higher being we believe in.

“3 Roads” by Xavier Rudd
My favorite Xavier songs are often the ones where he is playing a didgeridoo. I could listen to that instrument being played all day. Like “Mana”, when I hear this song, I feel grounded and one with the Universe.

“Remedy” by Thirty Seconds to Mars
I really wanted to love the new 30STM album AMERICA, but as a long time fan of the band, I will admit I don’t have a lot of nice things to say about it. It’s not a horrible album, but it definitely is not my favorite of theirs. This song though, I do dig. Shannon steps out from behind the drums and belts out this little ditty and it’s quite nice and my favorite song on the album.

“Glue” by Sponge
I will never not love this band. Their music has been with me through thick and thin and I’m honored to call them friends as well. Vinnie & Crew have saved my life through their music and these lyrics, I love: “…I’m screwed down and I’m glued down just like a fucking insect. I’m screwed down and I’m taking something’s life for make my heroin. I’m screwed down and glued down…”

“Home” by Breaking Benjamin
This may be my favorite BB song. It’s from their debut album SATURATE and what makes the song so great is the way Benjamin sings it, the Wizard of Oz references and the music. It’s just fucking great.

Featured Image: Photo by Scott Webb from Pexels