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Songs of My Life: May 2018

May did not have a theme nor a message. Just good tunes. I like it like that. It’s nice when the brain, the heart, the soul, the spirit, and The Universe is one. I was at peace in May and the happiest I have been in a long time. I’m grateful and it was not taken for granted at all.

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“Heaven’s Got a Back Door” by Dead Sara
New Dead Sara. That’s all you really need to know. They released 2 fucking rockers and I’ve played them on repeat.

“Unamerican” by Dead Sara
Please see above. Dead. Fucking. Sara.

“I’m Alive” by Story of the Year
Got to see SOTY here in Australia and it was awesome. I traveled back in time 15 to 20 years and for a brief moment time stood style. These lyrics: “…I’d do anything now. So spread these wings somehow. I scream these words so loud. But they never make a sound. I’m alive. But I’m barely breathing now. So place my heart under the ground…”

“Hustle Up Starlings” by Matthew Ryan
There is something absolutely beautiful about this song. From the way Matthew sings it to the music and lyrics. It just tugs at the soul. This man can write magic. These lyrics: “…I love a song that doesn’t care what you want. Like winter birds that never felt inclined to chase the sun…”

“Landlady” by U2
This: “…Every magic potion. Every false emotion. How unswerving our devotion. To the lies we know are almost true…”

“Walls” by Stokeswood
My ATL favorites (that’s Atlanta for those that do not know) have released 2 new tracks and they are fantastic and catchy. This band just knows how to do infectious toe tapping tunes.

“Waves” by Stokeswood
See above. New. Stokeswood for the win.

“Wandering Star” by Meiko
Shout out to Krissie for telling me about Meiko’s latest album which included this fantastic Portishead cover. (My favorite version is Opiate for the Masses, listen here)