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Songs of My Life: July 2018

July was a blur. I blew too much money on bar tabs, clothes, and shoes. But you only live once and you can’t take it with you when you go and I have still have money to survive on until my next paycheck so I guess it ain’t all that bad.

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“I Won’t Back Down” by Tom Petty
I believe I was in a book store when I heard this song and I was like, yep, definitely going on the playlist. And with lyrics like these: “I got just one life. In a world that keeps on pushin’ me around, but I stand my ground and I won’t back down.” This song is reminder for me to always stand up for what is right and for myself and to always chase my dreams.

“Love & Do Not Hesitate” by David McMillin
Seriously, I could listen to this song on repeat for days on end. I love David’s voice and these lyrics: “Good don’t come to those who wait. Good don’t come to those who hate. Good shows up in the mailboxes of those who love and do not hesitate.”

“People” by Awolnation
A Sunday afternoon gifted me this song and instantaneously put me in a great mood. I was taken back to seeing this band perform a 700 capacity venue with my girls. These lyrics: “I got love for all your hate. I got lost to find my way. So be good with goodbye. So be good with good byes.”

“Letting You Go” by Bullet for My Valentine
New Bullet for My Valentine. That is all. At the moment, this is my favorite track from the album.

“Shake” Ying Yang Twins featuring Pitbull
It’s just a damn fun song.

“Get Higher” by Paper Tongues
I love when iTunes on shuffle just gives me great gems. Especially a fantastic song from Charlotte natives, Paper Tongues. I added this song to the July playlist because of these lyrics: “All these demons in my head, come on let’s kill ’em with sound. You see we finally get a message that we’re gonna break out. I say we wrestle all the angels ’til they give us a crown. You know we’re gonna live forever if we hold to love…” Having tobattle demons in my head, music is my medication and I understand lets kill’em with sound all to well.

“I Release” by Gareth Asher & the Earthlings
I still use these lyrics as my mantra when I need to let go of things that do not serve me. “I release the countless questions. I release my point of view. I release the expectations. All the ones I had for you. May a good day come and find me and shine upon you too. I release.”

“The End is Where We Begin” by Our Lady Peace
I can’t remember where I was when this song hit me, but I remember it was because of these lyrics: “If you believe in death you’re certain to die. If you believe in love you’re always alive.” I always tell people to put out the positive energy you want in your life, not the negative. If you think xyz bad is going to happen, then it usually does, but if you think xyz good is going to happen, then it usually does. This song is just a reminder for me that you are the vibrational energy you put out into the Universe.

“Damage I have Done” by Heads featuring Johnette Napolitano
I just love Johnette Napolitano’s voice and could listen to her sing anything. Sunday iTunes shuffle, this song at 11.

“Dancing with the Women at the Bar” by Ryan Adams
I got my butt up early to see the total lunar blood moon eclipse that happened on Saturday morning July 28th and as totality hit, this song played and it was so apropos with the opening lyrics: “When I see the moon, I hear the sound of the strip just calling my name.” The moon calls my name. I am affected by her phases and appreciate everything she brings to fruition in my life.

“No Need to Worry” by Mishka
The title says it all: NO. NEED. TO. WORRY.