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Songs of My Life: September 2018

September was a good month but also a hard month. I suddenly developed hives on Sept 2 and have been battling it since. I woke up several days with swollen parts of my face and I woke every day covered in hives, some days were a bad out break and some days were a not so bad break out. I felt defeated more than once when it came to them. They’re still not under control and I’m still experimenting with my diet while I wait for my allergy appointment to come around. There was a lot of good music this September and kept my spirits in check.

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“Found the One” by Ben Harper & Charlie Musselwhite
This is my favorite song from the album NO MERCY IN THIS LAND. It’s just a fun upbeat song.

“Greatest” by Eminem
While I am not the biggest Eminem fan, his album KAMIKAZE is pretty damn good. I just like the raw honesty and this is my favorite song from the album.

“Double Trouble” by Public Image Ltd
I watched THE PUBLIC IMAGE IS ROTTEN, a documentary on PiL and this song is just one of my favorite songs by this band. I just love the rhythm of this song. It’s damn infectious.

“Get Up” by Shinedown
The lyrics to this song just connected to me. Depression and anxiety sometimes leaves you feeling exiled but this song is a reminder you just get up and do something. “I know you’re clinging to the light of day. To tell you everything’s a-okay and medication don’t do much, yeah, it just numbs the brain. Guess you might say I’m a little intense. I’m on the bright side of being hell bent. So take it from me, you’re not the only one who can’t see straight. If you were ever in doubt, don’t sell yourself short, you might be bulletproof. Hard to move mountains when you’re paralyzed, but you gotta try…”

“Ocean of Night” by Editors
My favorite from IN DREAM and these lyrics just remind me to always dream and to always do what makes my sou happy: “And this is your chance to transform. Lost to a moment. The moment you confront the storm…”

“Beat of Your Drum” by David Bowie (2018)
It’s Bowie, must I say more? This is a new edit for this song.

“Mantra” by Bring Me the Horizon
Love this little rocker from BMTH and what I like about this song is that it pokes funs of all the spiritual gurus, mantras, etc and while as it does that, these lyrics speak the truth: “Before the truth will set you free, it’ll piss you off. Before you find a place to be, you’re gonna lose the plot. Too late to tell you now, one ear and right out the other one. ‘Cause all you ever do is chant the same old mantra…”

“Holier than Heaven” by The Amity Affliction
TAA’s album MISERY is easily in my top 5 albums of 2018 and this song is my favorite from the album. I was freaking hooked the moment I heard the opening lyrics: “I’m still sick with my depression. Trapped inside my fragile shell. Is your god holier than heaven? My heart’s heavier than hell”  and this line, “The devil’s God and God’s a liar…”

“In God’s Country” by U2
I sang the chorus of this song for days. I don’t know why but that’s why it’s on the list this month.

“Holy Grail” by The Rasmus
Totally freaked when The Rasmus announced a new song was going to be released. They just know how to craft beautiful epic songs and this song is one of them. Vocalist, Lauri Ylönen says, “I thought a lot of about loneliness. Sometimes I focus special attention on the fans in the audience standing alone in the back, where lights can’t reach, and in some way I see myself in them. The mysterious figures at the back rows often turn out to be the most devoted fans – shy and quiet. It’s very hard to find the words when you finally get the opportunity to say something. The song is dedicated to all these antiheroes”. These lyrics hit me in the feels. “I’ve been living in a hurricane. I’ve been running in the stormy rain. I’ve been lying on the razor blades. All I wanted was to kill the pain…”

“Old Habits” by Mid City
Melbourne’s Mid City is one of my new Australian rock loves. The song that hooked me was “Dead Broke Blues” but this song is just damn catchy. You just can’t help but be in a good mood when listening.

“Master Blaster (Jammin’)” by Stevie Wonder
I always forget how great this song is and I love that Jangling Jacks reminded me over a glass of whiskey how fab it was.

“Hold Up a Light” by Thrice
Have always been a fan of Thrice and their new album PALMS is fucking rad. This song makes it to the list because I just love the guitar and bass line in the song. It’s fantastic!

“Bulletproof Baby” by The Struts
The infectious chorus to this song hooked me. Another good mood song.

“Zero” by Imagine Dragons
Continuing with infectious, this song makes me want to channel my inner Carlton and dance my ass off.

“Heat of the Summer” by Young the Giant
This song just screams SUMMER!! It’s sexy. It’s sweaty. The just nails perfection here from lyrics to the music. I’ll be playing this song on repeat until summer ends.

“Halo” by Boston Manor
Discovered this band through Spotify Rock Playlist. Just a great little rock song.

“Life” by Boy George & Culture Club
Love. Love. Love this song from George & the boys. It gives me “Black Money” vibes and takes me to church!

“Wade in the Water” by John Butler Trio
The best song on HOME in my opinion…bluesy, steel guitar, heavy drums…I feel like I’m in the swamps of New Orleans finding my religion.