Music for the Soul

Songs of My Life: March 2019

Besides being all over the place, I feel the theme for March musically is being strong. Strong enough to know better, do better, be better. I know for me personally, it was a month of building a stronger sense of self, taking care of self and building a healthier and stronger self.

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“Stronger” by Kayne West
I heard this song over head while shopping. It is one of the few Kayne songs I like and it kinds just stuck in my head.

“Anywhere” by The Taking
No idea who sings this song. There is no information in my iTunes about and I’m not even sure the song is called “Anywhere,” but played on shuffle and it’s kind of a glam rock fun little anthem that basically says, don’t give up.
Update: 31/March with the help of music wiki, Krissie, the song I have is a mastered digital version of “Anywhere” by The Taking. It’s been added to both playlists, but the version I have is different in opening lyrics and is less polished as the recorded and released version. I prefer the version I have but at least you can listen to the song now.

“Gotta Serve Somebody” by Bob Dylan
One of my favourite Dylan songs. It came on one night and I just felt that damn, PREACH moment!

“Feeling Good” by Nina Simone
This is the song I found myself singing at 5am this month. Sometimes one needs a little motivation to get going and this was it for me. “It’s a new dawn. It’s a new day and I’m feeling good.”

“Keep Your Head Up” by Andy Grammer
I can’t remember why I added this song but it’s fab song just remind all of us that everything is going to be okay, keep your head up and don’t give up.

“One Two Step” by Ciara
I was on a Missy Elliot listening kick and this song she is featured in just kept coming into rotation. You can’t be in a bad mood when this song is on.

“Lo/Hi” by The Black Keys
New tunes from The Black Keys. You know it had to be on here. It’s also fan-tab-u-lous and a great little bluesy rock number.

“No Surrender” by Mid City
Melbourne natives FINALLY released another track. It’s taken a while to grow on me, but every moment I wanted to give up in my training, being healthy, taking care of self, this song came into my mind.

“Black Sun” by Death Cab for Cutie
I got to see Death Cab at the Opera House and their performance of this song was probably my favourite besides “I Will Possess Your Heart”.

“(Sic)” by Slipknot
Sometimes you just need to put on loud angry music and get shit done. This song was on repeat to make that happen.

“Bloody History” by Stokeswood
And completely opposite of Slipknot…sometimes you need a fun upbeat song to make the day go away. This was that song.

“Don’t Need You” by Bullet for My Valentine
I remember hearing these lyrics, and thinking to myself, yep this is the truth: “So what I’m saying is I don’t need you.” I don’t have “you” that it’s directed towards, but more to that inner negative self that I don’t need anywhere…or my inner fat kid.

“I’ll Be Your Shelter” by Taylor Dayne
On a Sunday afternoon, iTunes gift me my favourite Taylor song.

“Set Me Free” by The Amity Affliction
Eeeeek, I get to see TAA on home turf. I’m stoked and have been playing the hell out of their music. This song just stuck with me because of the break/bridge(?). I also like the lyrics, “Let me bathe in your sunlight. Take my hand, I’m holding for life…”

“Barricades” by Editors
Another newbie in the land of music. Editors. Gah! So good.

“Live Wire” by Meghan Kabir
Great cover of a Motley Crue classic. It really played beautifully in the scene it was used in The Dirt. While I prefer the original, Meghan gave ode to this beautifully.

“Deutchland” by Rammstein
New. Fucking. Rammstein. Holy. Moly. I’ve read some translations in regards to the song and it seems it’s an ode to their motherland, Germany, and how she has let them down. The video…mind blowing, showcasing the history of Germany.