Exist Loudly

My Fitness Journey: 6 Months In

Today is my 6 month of anniversary of when I changed my life.

This time for the better and for the healthier.

It’s not been easy.

Sometimes it seemed way to damn hard.

It has definitely been sweat inducing.

An occasionally tear fell at the end of weeks where nothing seemed to change and my mind wanted to give up.

I’m not where I want to be yet but I have the patience to trust the journey and know it’s one rep at a time and one lift at a time.

I’ll get there.

I remind myself daily that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Amazing quads, glutes, arms and abs aren’t going to be built in 6 months after abusing my body with an unhealthy lifestyle for a years.

2010 Fat Shelia

2010: My Heaviest

I sometimes still the girl from 2010 in the photo when I look in the mirror. I know the long nights out partying hid her sadness, her heartache and her trying to still cope with her mom’s death a year earlier.

She was in the mirror 6 months ago and I saw the long nights out partying hid a need to belong, to fit in, to be something I wasn’t.

When she’s there looking back at the now changed me, she’s damn proud of how far I’ve come. I have found the balance of being healthy and the things I gave up to be healthy are not missed. I’d rather be fit and strong over anything else. What I’ve sacrificed to get where I’m at and how I’ve dedicated my heart, mind, and soul to being a better and healthier version of me.

The me I should have been all along.

But the me I should have been all along wouldn’t have shown up without one major key player in my life.

My trainer, my sensei, my motivator, my champion, Marcus, (@barefoot_trainer👣). He has put up with a lot of swearing, a lot of questions, a lot of sass and has been with me since day one.

I know hands down if I had been paired with anyone else, I would not be where I am today.

He’s a constant ray of light and someone who pushes me. He knows I can do one more and won’t let me give up. And because of that, I push myself and won’t let myself give up either. I can’t let myself down and I sure as hell don’t want to let him down either.

As long as I’m living and breathing, he’s stuck with me and I can’t wait to for the next 6 months of butt kicking and the year after that and so on. I even look forward to the future 3000 calories a day. 🤣

Thank you Marcus. I don’t know if I’ll ever have the right words or if I could ever say thank you enough for putting up with me. You’ve changed my life. You’ve created a 5’2″ monster but a good one. I am and will be forever grateful for all that you do for me.


Photo by Leon Martinez from Pexels