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Reiki: Permission to Relax

lotus flowerAs a believer in Universal energy and vibrations and as someone who feels and senses the energy that others give off, I’ve never really given reiki a lot of thought. I know it is an Eastern alternative medicine and involves the energy in the human body. 

It was something I’ve found myself recently wanting to try so when one of my favorite yoga teachers sent out a post on Instagram asking if anyone was interested, I jumped at the chance to experience reiki in her trusted hands.

On a winter Sunday evening, I was invited into Jess’ home yoga and reiki studio for yin yoga and reiki. We went with the combo because my quads are literally and figuratively on fire from a week of working out. While they don’t hurt, there’s what I call a slow burn in them and while it doesn’t disrupt my day to day or sleep, I know that part of my body exists that’s for sure.

Jess had me lie down and close my eyes and off we were. I had no idea what to expect or had any preconceived notions on what would happen. I only went in with an open mind. Within 5 minutes, I felt a sigh course through my body and the corners of my mouth and cheeks turn up.

I was feeling pure joy.

Elation from within.

It was as if Jess had given my heart, mind, and body permission to actually relax and be in the moment. To completely surrender to being in the now. To really let go and truly relax.

Relax I did.

For one blissful hour, Jess had me hold yoga poses as she performed reiki and it was calming, nurturing, peaceful and with each touch or stroke I could feel myself give. Give in to relaxing. Give in to the moment. Just give away everything that no longer was serving it.

Toward the end, Jess placed a blanket over my chest. I had noticed it in the room before but as she placed it on my chest, it felt heavy (like a weighed blanket, it wasn’t) and I could feel warmth or heat rising in my body from where Jess had placed her hands before the blanket. It was if the rising heat was everything I had been holding onto and the blanket was absorbing it all.

I came back to reality with a sense of calm, unlimited smiles, boundless peace within and a softness to my edges.

That night, I slept as the old adage goes, “like a rock”. It was a hard sleep. The sleep where you felt like you slept for 30 hours. I woke up refreshed. Energized. The same me but a better me.

I highly recommend giving reiki a try.

All you need is an open mind to receive the energy that is being given to you.

If you’d like a reiki session, a reiki yoga combo session, or a yoga session, reach out to Jess Fenech via Instagram or follow her on Instagram @steyca.

Jess is a yoga teacher in Paddinton, NSW and has a private yoga & reiki studio in Coogee, NSW.
I have taken her many of her classes and had a reiki session with her and I also am absolutely honoured to endorse Jess.