Music for the Soul

Songs of My Life: September 2019

I can say one thing about September for sure…I’m glad it’s over.
And that’s all I really have to say about it.

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“Rotting Piñata” by Sponge
This song has stood the test of time and honestly, the lyrics still get me to this day “…here lies junk that was me. Here lies this wreck that was me…grab my beating heart tear it from this broken cage…”

“Let Me Blow Your Mind” by Eve
This played overhead at the gym one morning and it while I am far from being a “gangster”, it made me pretend I was one while I was lifting weights.

“I Know You Want Me” by Pitbull
It’s Pitbull. Need I say more…another gym song. September has been old school and 90s & 00s RnB at the gym and I’ve dug it all.

“One, Two Step” by Ciara featuring Missy Elliott
Yep, guessed it. Gym song. Sophisticated fun.

“Revolution” by Kirk Franklin
Not a gym song! Spun into my world on a walk home one evening and it was just what I needed to hear. A little religion (so to speak) did my soul some good.

“Beautiful Mess” by Grace Askew
First, Grace’s is voice is literally and figuratively what whiskey would sound like if it had a voice. Sultry, neat, and soothing you in amber warmth. Listening to this song, one can see the cast of characters play out in their head. Unlike the title, it is absolutely a beautiful story.

“Black Gold” by Editors
New. Editors. Period. Full Stop.

“All My Friends are Dead” by The Amity Affliction
Annnnnd….New. The Amity Affliction. Crap it’s in your face good.

“Wake” by Mercy Fall
Cold rainy spring day…this song just matched the weather and mood.

“My Pleasure” by Emigrate
I may have a soft spot in my heart for Pitbull and Flo Rida but my heart belongs to rock and roll through and through. This song just rocks from guitar to drums to bass. It makes me want to be in a high speed car chase action scene with lots of explosion.

“Die Trying” by Art of Dying
Another rock song to get me through the month. Lyrically, these words: “…Sometimes the weight is more than I can hold, but I rather fail than never really know. If it takes forever, I will die trying…”

“Kill or Kiss” by Hotei featuring Shea Seger
I discovered Hotei when Richard from Rammstein/Emigrate was promoting that he was on a Hotei’s album STRANGERS. It lead me to finding out that Shea Seger was one not one but 2 tracks. I have been a fan of Shea since her debut album in 2000 and was glad to hear her voice again. This song is damn infectious. Hotei’s guitar is just amazing and Shea’s voice matches the guitar & bass perfectly.

“Where Did the Angels Go” by Papa Roach
While I might not have been a big fan of their major debut album, I do love me some Papa Roach. Their album, THE CONNECTION might be one of my favourites of theirs. Everything about this song. Musically and lyrically. My niece has been working on her recovery from an opioid addiction and this song just felt like this might be how she is feeling.

“Monday Night by Satellite” by Max Q
Heard this song one night…though not a Monday night…walking home from yoga. Old school song featuring Michael Hutchence on vocals and it just fit the spring mood. This song isn’t on Apple Music or Spotify so you can watch the video here.

“Love Destruction” by Warrior Soul
This song instantly took me back to 1992…I fucking loved this song then. I love this song now. Lyrically, it summed up the times back then but damn if it doesn’t sum up the times in the US now. If you only listen to one song on this entire list, I suggest this one.

“Basement” by Fitz & the Tantrums
THIS SONG!! AHHHHH. Seriously, it is the emotions, feelings, thoughts of why I have what I call hermit weekends or hermit days. Sometimes one just needs to get away from it all.