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Songs of My Life: October 2019

I’ll be honest, October started out pretty damn shitty for me. I was in a constant state of worry, tears, and a tangled mess over my oldest niece, Riley. My dear friend Krissie, was my beacon of light for me in the US who was able to meet up with Riley and see she was okay and 5 days later, Riley was back home and safe with her family where she belonged. From there on out, October has been a beautiful month. Riley is healing, recovering, and in rehab. I experienced an amazing soul resetting hike and climbed some amazing summits. My work life has given me new challenges and experiences that I am truly enjoying and I FINALLY fucking deadlifted 70kgs (154.32 lbs). November, I gotta ask, how’s it get any better than this?

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“The Hunted” Saint Astonia featuring Sully Erna
Dude, you can’t get more rock than Saint Astonia! Featuring former Three Days Grace vocalist Adam Gontier, Mike Mushok from Staind, Corey Lowery from Eye Empire, and former Finger Eleven drummer Rich Beddoe and add in Mr. Sully Erna from Godsmack on their first single from their latest album FLAWED DESIGN…I mean. COME. ON. RAWK! And that is what this song does. ROCKKKKKKS.

“Armageddon” by Art of Dying
I fucking love when a band blows my preconceived notions of them out of the water. The latest AOD album does that and this song definitely did that. AOD has found a formula on how to write a good rock song and sticks to it but there was something about this song that made me a “fan” of theirs again.

“Stay Ready” by Adelitas Way
I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Adelitas Way. They are a band that has always busted their asses with or without the support of a label. And this song had me hooked from this opening line, “Where I’m from your put your money where your mouth is and show your heart…” I get this line. I live my life like this line says.

“I Let Go” by Eighteen Visions
There were things out of my control happening this month and my mantra every time I had a moment was “I let go” and this song is the epitome of me saying that to myself. And also, it’s EIGHTEEN FUCKING VISIONS…I LOVE THEM.

“So Be It” by Everything
On the lighter end is Everything (WHO. I. ALSO. LOVE…I also wish they were still together making music) Anywhooooo, just like my mantra of “I let go”, my other mantra of the month was “so be it”. Because sometimes, when you let go and let things be how they’re suppose to be, things just are better.

“Come Undone” by My Darkest Days
Simple. I like this cover of Duran Duran’s song.

“Fool” by Memphis May Fire
My inner rock chick found her tunes this month. This was one of them.

“Bow Down” by Xavier Rudd
I went on a wonderful hike with Freeland Hiking Co in the middle of October. It rained. It poured. It was cold. It was sunny. It was hot. It was beautiful. It was breathtaking. I met some wonderful wonderful souls but the cool thing was that you were expected to hike with the front of the pack or walk at the back of the pack. Often, I found myself somewhere in between and on day one of our adventure, I found myself at the back of the pack. The lone wolf being paparazzi with nature, talking to myself, thanking Mother Nature for sharing her beauty, giving thanks to the trees or stump that helped me along the way. This was the song I hummed or sang to the Universe around me. I was grateful. My heart grateful. My soul was grateful.

“With or Without You” by U2
After all these years, this song is still a song that just moves me.

“Blue Guitar” by Jimmy Buffett
These lyrics…“Don’t let tomorrow find you wishing…just use your intuition…You are what you are, you dream what you dream…”