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Thank You Marcus

I owe a huge thanks to the one and only, Marcus (@barefoot_trainer👣).
In my eyes, it will never be enough to say thank you to him, because I owe him a million plus infinity of thank yous for challenging me and changing my life.

One year ago today at 7:15am, I did my very first personal training session with Marcus.

Today, 365 days later at 6:15am, I will walk into Flow Training Centre and do my 131st session with Marcus.

My life has forever changed for the better.

Marcus is not just my trainer but my weekly ray of light. His positivity and energy drives my positivity and energy. He has been through the last year with me, training me, driving me, pushing me, challenging me, and being the cheerleader, the champion, the leader, the guide, the sensei and so much more all the while kicking my ass along the way. We’ve shared a lot of successes and a few days that weren’t so great on my part and I’ve probably told him at least once per session I hate him but that I love him more. The last 4 burning rep brings the hate, the ass kicking brings the love.

He’s heard me say on more than one occasion one of my favorite line from Bob’s Burgers.

And I’ve quoted Rickey Bobby “Dear Lord (sweet) baby Jesus” more than I’d care to admit.

On my biggest I can’t do this any more day where my body and my mind were not even in the same book and all I wanted to do was give up. He didn’t let me give up and when I finished the session on the treadmill, he said to me, “Don’t look at today as your biggest I can’t day. Look at today as your biggest I did day.”
Biggest I did day

That changed my life.

He has changed my life.

I’ve a had a few other “biggest I did days” and that quote still resonates with my soul on a daily basis.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if I had been paired with anyone else, I know in my heart and soul I would not be where I am today.

Marcus pushes me to be stronger than I was yesterday and when the weight is too heavy and I’m so frustrated that my body isn’t lifting it, he reminds me that failure is progress and that progress includes failure.

I push myself because I don’t want to let myself down nor do I want to let him down.

Marcus, thank you for putting up with my sass and my swearing but more importantly thank you for shining your light, sharing your knowledge, guiding me and challenging me to not just be stronger but better than I was yesterday. You have made me a stronger woman and human. You have shown me there are no limits and that a small step leads to a personal best if I stay consistent and believe in myself. You have shown me that what is heavy and what I thought weighed me down is something I could pick up and squat and deadlift. I am grateful for time you give me in the gym and outside of the gym. You have forever changed my life and I can’t thank you enough for it. I look forward to everything we are going to slay in 2020 my friend.


thank you marcus