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Songs of My Life: November 2019

I turned another year older this month but my biggest achievement was that I reached my 1 year anniversary of taking care of me. This is a short Songs of My Life this month…maybe the shortest ever. There’s just 4 gems this month and I’ve played the shit out of them all.

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“Flag” by Xavier Rudd & The United Nations
I love this line: “…Only weapon that he chooses is love, universal call now for justice and I’ll keep keep on waving this flag, cover my head, cover my back now…” And this song was my chosen weapon for my soul this month. To be me. To be only me.

“Double Take” by Fort Frances
A – if you are not toe tapping or grooving this to this song, then you need to get your pulse checked.
B – these lyrics: “…I been praying for good luck but the world don’t seem to give a fuck. About which way is up or which was is down. The rabbit hole better known as your soul…”
C – go buy and listen to the new Fort Frances album now

“The Oaf” by Big Wreck
The guitar intro to this song STILL GETS ME!! It’s fan-freaking-tastic and the song is still as great as it was when I first heard it in 1997. This song spun into a my morning and just set my day up to be spectacular.

“Break on Through” by Sponge
I. FREAKING. LOVE. THIS. COVER. That is all. That’s why it is on here. I think I listened to it for 2 days straight this month.