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Songs of My Life: December 2019

Just shy of a decade, Songs of My Life started in February 2010 (but it will be a decade in Feb 2020), and I’m glad this decade is coming to a close. It’s been a hell of a ride and as 2019 closes, the decade closes and this month closes, the overall theme or vibe of December was “good vibes” and “good feelings” and being happy because I was.

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“Feeling Good” by Muse
Possibly one of my favourite covers. I love Nina’s version but Muse does her a solid with this cover.

“Sure Shot” by Beastie Boys
Damn this is a good song. One simply cannot be in a bad mood when listening to this song.

“Maybe” by The Flying Tigers
Music on shuffle brought this 17 year old song into world again. I remember when they were Frankie Machine before they were The Flying Tigers and then disappeared off the music earth. Any who…I just dug the vibe of this song when I heard it.

“Good Vibes” by Chris Janson
The lyrics to this entire song. That is why it’s on here. If you aren’t feeling the good vibes after listening to this song, check yo ears.

“What I Got” by 311 (Sublime cover)
The interwebs dispute whether 311 covers this song or not but I’m not going to go down that rabbit hole. I like this cover and if you know me, I am not a huge fan of this song. It was overplayed on radio and by my sister. Scroll on down to to listen to it because I have absolute no idea how I got a hold of this song but it’s in my iTunes as 311 so that’s what I’m going with.

“More Trucks than Cars” by Craig Morgan
This song spun into my list one night walking home from work. It immediately took me home. Though I’ve been here in Australia a while, I still do sometimes have to explain myself when I say “yes/no ma’am/sir” or just saying “ma’am/sir” and this song made me proud to be Southern (though I’m never not proud). These lyrics: “…Where there’s biscuits, grits and gravy and the waitress calls you baby and the starlight’s like a streetlight on a summer night. We say hell ya and amen, yeehaw, and y’all come back again…”

“Good as Hell” Lizzo featuring Ariana Grande
I never know what I will hear when I’m training or in a class. The music is as different as the trainers and this song spun into my world on Saturday morning and kind of had me go “fuck yeah” I’m good as hell.

“Dark Visions” by The Amazons
Don’t remember how I stumbled onto The Amazons this month, but I’m glad I did. I am living for this song. It’s from their May 2019 release and these lyrics: “…All my demons keep me overthinking of dark visions, of dark visions and the beasts, they come in the dead of night. Feeding all my fears, brings them back to life. Dark visions, dark visions. They’ll been calling at my door…”

“Soulfish” by Everything
I will never stop digging this band. And upon calculation, this song is at least TWENTY-SEVEN FUCKING YEARS OLD! <insert screaming emoji here because whhaaaaaa!?!?!>. Holy shit, I’m gonna need a moment. It seems like yesterday when I was traveling to DC to see them or watching them play Visulite and Amos’ in Charlotte, but alas it has been a very long hot minute…27 years. God. Damn. But this song still puts me in a great mood. I simply cannot be in a bad mood listening to this song.

“Living in the Afterlife” by Eric Hutchinson
I love me some Eric Hutchinson and this song is the fucking jam. As 2019 closes on a freaking decade, I’d like to say I looked backed and reflected, but I didn’t. I’m glad this decade is done. I’m ready to slay the next one and this song was the positive momentum I needed to hear to prepare for the amazingness of 2020. These lyrics: “…Life’s meant for living so might as well try. Plug in to the action and electrify…say good-bye to the old you. Now you’re living in the afterlife…”



flowers Songs of My Life: December 2019