Music for the Soul

Songs of My Life: February 2020

February has thrown me for a loop this month. With it being a Leap Year this year, the extra day has thrown me out of whack. I started the month with a cold. It went away within a few days but the cough it left behind still lingers. Waxing and waning to “not that bad” to “why are you still here!?!?!” Last week, energetically, I felt a bit off. While it’s easy to lay blame that it was that time of the month, Mercury entering Retrograde or whatever the reality is I was mentally fucking tired. Mentally exhausted. I’m an introvert by nature and can be an extrovert when required but I was just tired of the mental facade. I needed mad introvert time. Time to reflect, to recover, to mentally clean my head and physically clean my personal space. I’ve reset and the final week of February has been an absolute reminder at how much I love the life I have.

Musically, there’s only 5 gifts from the Universe this month. To be honest, I’ve really only been listening to 2 albums this month. COUNTRY FUZZ by The Cadillac Three and EVERYONE LOVES YOU…ONCE YOU LEAVE THEM by The Amity Affliction. These two have been on repeat when I’m not listening to hockey games and it’s no surprise that 3 of the 5 gifts are songs from those two albums.

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The Chosen 3:
LIGHT (energy): “Volcano” by Twin Atlantic
I’ll be honest, it was the beat and bass of the song that hooked me. It screams ENERGY. It’s one infectious gem.
LOVE (vibration)
: “Love & Do Not Hesitate” by David McMillin
Hands down my favorite song by David. The whole song is one beautiful vibration of love and these lyrics: “Good don’t come to those who wait. Good don’t come to those those who hate. Good shows up in the mailboxes of those who love and do hesitate.”
MAGIC (frequency): “Oceans” by RY X & Olafur Arnalds
Light. Beautiful. Airy. This song is just magical.

The Gifts from the Universe:
“Funky Donkey” by Beastie Boys
You can’t be in a bad mood listening to this song. That is all.

“Tired Wings” by The Four Horsemen
This is an oldie. From around 1991 and like the song says, “I count my friends on these four fingers,” that is about how many people I know who know this band but this song has always resonated with me. I’ve always loved and still love the lyrics, the opening guitar and bluesy feel to the song and Frank Starr’s voice.

“Labels” by The Cadillac Three
This is my favorite song from COUNTRY FUZZ. It’s catchy. It’s true. No one wants to be labeled.

“Catatonia” by The Amity Affliction
This song was released before the whole album was and it’s just kind of become my go to song. Lyrically the song hits me in the guts just as the music hits me soul. The song is aggressive and angsty. It satiates my anxiety tendencies. These lyrics: “I am brittle, unstable and scared for my life. When you can’t see the future, you can’t see the light. Catatonic, I promise, I’ll make it through the night. I can go on and on as long as you’re with me. I can go on and on as long as you’re singing.”

“Just Like Me” by The Amity Affliction
Where “Catatonia” might be aggressive and angsty, “Just Like Me” is the opposite and probably my favorite song off the album. The lyrics in their entirety. The way Ahren and Joel’s vocals compliment each other. Trust me. Just listen even if you balk at the sound of “Catatonia”. “Just Like Me” is just a great fucking song.


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