Music for the Soul

Songs of My Life: April 2020

April has been ONE. VERY. LONG. MONTH where seconds seemed like minutes. Minutes seemed like hours. Hours seemed like days. Days seemed like months.

I’m over isolation. I want normality back but I will do what it takes to flatten the curve and keep others safe. Even if I’m fucking miserable. Mentally, I have my ups and downs. Mostly ups with moments of “Quarantine Dumb” and the itch to break free. I will be thrilled when I can isolate on my own terms again. Because goddamn, I am sick of my own company right now.

Musically, I was all over the place. Digging through the music crates and listening to everything and anything and I feel that’s reflected a bit below.

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The Chosen 3:
LIGHT (energy): “The Jam” by The Cadillac Three
I. FREAKING. LOVE the new Cadillac Three album Country Fuzz and I chose this song for energy because damn it’s toe tapping and hip shaking and it’s full of energy and as I am stuck in isolation this song makes me groove.
LOVE (vibration)
: “Get Your Groove On” by Everything
More groove. It’s in the song title! But like TC3, I find myself grooving along. Something my soul needs while stuck in iso.
MAGIC (frequency): “Saw Lightning” by Beck
Continuing with body moving, this little infectious track is exactly the way to end The Chosen 3.

The Gifts from the Universe:

“Burn Like Willie” by A Thousand Horses
This song played on a walk to a training session. The sun was rising and it was a beautiful morning. It fit the good mood.

“Stranded on a Sandbar” by Jimmy Buffett
This is how I’ve felt this month. Stranded. These lyrics sum it up: “I have my ups and downs. All a part of this strange plan I’m sure. Start a new chapter each day…I feel I’m stranded on a sandbar…”

“Big Western Sky” by Kik Tracee
The Universe’s reminder to me to just breathe.

“Break Stuff” by Limp Bizkit
There was one day in April where everything that could have gone wrong did and I just wanted to punch everyone in the face whether they did something or not. This song was the mood. A whole lot of FUCKKKKKK!

“Zhill Down” by Neotic
Discovered this little gem on AppleMusic’s Sleep Time Chill mix that I’ve been listening too. One thing that has suffered in iso is my sleep. Unwindng afterwork use to take an hour or so when we could be free. Unwinding afterwork in iso takes 4x as long.

“Rise” by Alison Mosshart
New song by Alison of The Kills. That’s all you need to know.

“Invincible” by The Unlikely Candidates
Courtesy of my dear friend, Heather. (Thanks for the new music girl.) It’s fun. It’s dance-y. It’s infectious. I love it.

“Cathedral Bell” by The Used
This was I think the 3rd track released from Heartwork (released 24-April) and it’s just so damn good.

“Circles” by The Cadillac Three
TC3 covering Post Malone. Brilliant.

“Southpaw” by Kip Moore
This song was released on the 20-April and I’m positive since them I’ve listened to it 1000+ or more. I’m obsessed with this song. Obsessed I tell ya! It’s so damn good from start to finish.

“The Best” by AWOLNATION
My favorite track of the latest AWOL album. Damn it’s good.

“Mix’em with Whiskey” by Drake White
I’ve been a fan of Drake’s for while and love his new EP STARS (released 24-April). This was the first track that he released and it’s just great and my current mood. “Somethings just go better if you mix’em with whiskey.”