Exist Loudly

Feels Like Home

I’ve been in Australia since 13-November 2015 and chasing that Australia dream since my feet hit the ground.

Half of the first year, I had a place to stay, in the basement of the family I helped take care of and then moved into a studio.

When I moved into the studio, it was perfect at the time and perfect for me at the time.
Just the right amount of space I needed, but it wasn’t mine.
The previous renter was moving to Queensland and had left a lot of her furniture and stuff behind to me which was nice because I honestly didn’t have anything except camping utensils and a suitcase full of clothes. So having a semi-furnished place was great.

But the studio was never truly home.
I knew it in my heart when I moved in. It was a place to rest my head at night, shower, and somewhere to eat. I couldn’t get the homey vibes right. No matter what I did or brought in or took out.
It never felt like a home but more like a transition station.
A spring board to another time and place.

This past weekend, I moved.
To a bigger place right around the corner. I spent Friday moving all of my stuff with the help of the legendary, Marcus. Saturday and Sunday was spent putting together furniture and finding places for the stuff I had.

But now, as the new week starts, I realise, I am home.

Australia is my home now.

I feel like I am home now.

The place I am has roots.
It will give me the space to create and share memories.
I see my future from here. I see the joys, the laughter, the fun, the smiles and the memories.

Finally, everything feels like home.