Music for the Soul

Songs of My Life: May 2020

Groove {slang}: 

  • to appreciate and enjoy
  • to please immensely

Groove. That was what May was about. Finding my groove. Getting into the groove. Grooving along. Groove.
The theme was in the song titles, the music itself, and in the way I was feeling within.

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The Chosen 3:

LIGHT (energy): “The Bull” by Kip Moore
This song brings me joy and energy and light and love and magic. A fantastic message of learning from what life throws at you and appreciating every single moment or lesson thrown your way.
LOVE (vibration)
: “Noticed” by MuteMath
This song gives love a good name. These lyrics: “The only time I ever noticed my heart is when I noticed you.”
MAGIC (frequency): “Magick” by Ryan Adams
This song was bound to make the MAGIC list eventually. The song title says it all.

The Gifts from the Universe:

“Clean Cut Heals” by The Used
Okay, so this wasn’t a gift. This is my favorite track from the latest by The Used at was released at the end of April. It’s catchy. I like the lyrics and music. It’s just a good song.

“Heaven is a Place on Earth” by Matthew Ryan
Damn. Mathew Ryan nails this cover. So much that I may never be able to listen to the original again. It’s an absolute beaut.

“I Need More Love” by Robert Randolph & the Family Band
The bass in this song. The vibes of this song. The complete funky groove of this song. Good mood. Hell. To. The. Yeah.

“Texas Groove” by Hotei featuring Shea Seger
This song is an absolute banger. If you don’t know, Hotei is a well known Japanese musician who is absolutely wicked on guitar. Combine Hotei with Shea Seger, one of my favorite female singers, and you have this song. It rocks from beginning to end and these lyrics: “If you are lost in your way, listen to the voice inside your heart. You can’t get away from yourself… Life is about being yourself. Set your standards high. Find your own place…”

“Not Quite Sonic” by I Mother Earth
One of my favorite IME songs, spun into my world bright and early one morning. The Universe reminded me what a groovy little gem this was.

“Until the Day I Die” by Story of the Year
In May 2018, I saw SOTY play and a video I shot of them singing this song popped up in my Instagram. I knew the moment I watched the video, The Universe was reminding me of that moment and it’s also just a fucking great song.

“You Gotta’ Be Just Who You Are” by Butch Walker
At the beginning of May, Butch released a rock opera called American Love Story. A rock opera we didn’t know we needed but a rock opera the US and maybe the world desperately needed. This is my favorite track on the album. The song title says it all. Just be you. If you have 45 minutes, listen to the album from start to finish or watch the film HERE (or embedded below).

“Falls on Me” by Fuel
About mid month, I hit a funk. It only lasted a few days but this song helped me see the funk for what it was. A moment I should not wallow in. When this song played, it brought back a lot of feels and memories. I acknowledged them all, the ghosts of bouts of depression past, we reminisced and they left.

“Groove Holmes” by Beastie Boys
It’s in the title ladies and gents. Groove. The Universe was not fucking around with the theme this month.

“O. Lover” by Jason Mraz
The last few moments of this song is what hooked my ears this month. I played the song again and there’s a quiet underlying bass that is just infectious.

“Happy Place” by Drake White
Drake may be singing this song about his wife, but when I heard this song, I realized for me, my happy place is now my home. My new place feels like home. I physically feel at home for the first time since I arrived in Australia. And as of the 15th of May (the day I moved), everything finally just clicked.

“Doing Time” by Avenged Sevenfold
This song just fucking rocks. It spun into my ears while walking to a training session and I played it on repeat until I got there.

“Rain on Me” by Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande
This actually might be my favorite track off of Chromatica. I connect to the lyrics more than anything.