Flash Fiction

Turn Me Off Please

The buzzing noise in his head echoed louder and louder, covering the silent whispers from his mind or were they in his mind?

Maybe they were just the silent whispers of his television?

He couldn’t tell.

His reality blurred between him.

Flipping between the vision of the television snow and his living room.

As plain as it was, it was his.

Comfort and quiet.

How he longed to be there now instead of wherever he was.

If he knew where he was, he could get out.

Where the hell was he?

The whispers grew louder.

The screams grew quieter.

Were they his screams?

His head twitched in time to the buzzing in his head. Muscles convulsing to a tribal drumbeat.

In the distance, piano keys being struck calmed his nerves but the high pitched squeal made his brain bleed.

Was his heart beating or was that a drum beating for his heart?



Those were the words he wanted to say.

Those were the words he could not say.



It was too much.

How did this happen?

How did he get here?

The sirens were around him again.

Screaming, growling.



I am alone now he thought.

I don’t like this feeling.

I can feel my insides. The electricity pulsing through my veins.

I am alone here.

I can feel the static.

I am alone here.

I can feel my blood turning.

I am alone here.

I can feel my muscles collapsing.

I am alone here.



I just want to be in my living room watching television.



Why are you doing this?

Say the words the voice echoed in his head.

Release and say the words.

He didn’t want to say the words.

He knew if he did, it would be the end.

His life as he knew it would end.

He had hoped to see her,

The girl from his childhood.

The girl he sat waiting on the canyon for.

She never showed

And now he would disappear.

If he said the words, he would be gone.

Just like the girl was.

She was never coming back.

Rosemary was long gone and now he would be too.

Don’t say the words his heart begged.

He stared out of the television and into the living room that didn’t belong to him.

“Turn this off please.”

The blind man obliged the voice he heard.

And like that, the boy scout was gone.


Photo by Expect Best from Pexels