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Songs of My Life: June 2020

June…half Corvid-19 and half semblance of normality. Felt weird to sit in a bar and have a drink, yet felt normal to be back at the gym. Mentally, I was the same. Feeling weird and feeling normal. Feeling half of this and half of that but not necessarily a whole something. The image to right sort of sums all the mental feels. I’ll be honest, I started June on a hormonal cycle and am ending it on one as well and that sure as hell doesn’t help. I can say, I sure do miss the PMS days of acne and cramps. Hormonal PMS, headaches and nausea are for the fucking birds.

June was what it was. A month where I reflected on past and present, what I could learn from my past to better my present, what I could learn from the history of the past to better the present history. With everything happening around the globe from Corvid-19, to the Black Lives Matter protests and everything in between, I realized it is good to sit with what you’re feeling, acknowledge it and learn from it. Use my frustration and anger for good change. Use my sadness for good change. Use my word and whatever I have available to me, to boost the single of those whose voices need to be heard. Do what you can with what you got to change the world for the better.

The 27 songs of June reflect every feeling between fuck yeah! to fuck you! It’s the longest list of 2020 so far and is actually one of my favorites as well, as it reflects me. I might be a bit all over the place yet kind of have my shit together (by own standards and no one else’s). And at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.

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LIGHT (energy): “Slack Tide” by Jimmy Buffett
The definition of slack tide is where the water is completely unstressed. No rise or fall of the tide and no movement either way in the tidal stream. The month of May ended with protests and riots across the US, Hong Kong and everywhere in between. I chose this song for Light/energy because of the message. This song is the light and energy we need in the world right now. These lyrics: “We could use some quiet. We could use a little calm. Find the good in everybody. Share that “one love” balm. Watch the predators and prey swim along side by side ‘neath the blue sky and mangroves down at slack tide. I wish the whole wide world could swim along at slack tide.”

LOVE (vibration): “Phases” by Howling
For me, musically this song echoes a love vibration within me. That’s one thing I really enjoy about Howling’s music. Musically they are spot on in creating frequencies of greatness.

MAGIC (frequency): “Fire and Flame” by Kip Moore
This is my 2nd favorite song off the Wild World album. I almost chose this song for Light but I feel it’s more Magic/frequency. Music is magic. It has its own supernatural powers and can casts its own spells and by doing so, change the frequency one is on or within and this is what this song did for me. When I first heard, “Fire and Flame”, I felt my soul light up. I connected to the lyrics and felt them in my heart. It was like an aha moment of “yes! this where I am at. In the middle burning bright.” I just didn’t have the tools or knowledge within me to recognize that is what it was. These lyrics: “…I’ll keep on floatin’ out here somewhere between the fire and flame. I guess I’m stuck out in the middle. ‘Cause I got this reckless heart that I can’t tame. Just when I think I’ve reigned it in a little. I’m still somewhere between the fire and flame…if you’re lookin’ for me tonight I’ll be out here burnin’ bright somewhere between the fire and flame…”


“Stand” by Welshly Arms
This song hit my radar via Krissie and her Summer Mix and it just summed up my mood at the beginning of June. Ready to take a stand against hate, racism and the foundation of stupidity. Am I still ready as June ends, fuck yeah I am. While I watch the US from a far and talk to family and friends back home, November cannot come any quicker so I can use my power to vote that orange fucking buffoon out of office.

“How We Living” by Michael Franti & Spearhead
This song also came via Krissie’s Summer Mix. It’s Michael Franti, how was I not going to dig this song. I mean I wrote an entire post about one of his songs. While fighting for things that one believes in and for the greater good of the human race, we have to remember how to live and smile and have fun. This song sure does help beat the winter blues.

“Hero” by Warrior Soul
This song goes back to 1991 and this band has always been political and it was just apropos for it to spin into my world at the beginning of June. It just solidified my desire to fight for what’s right.

“Be Me” by Vincint (for Queer Eye Season 5)
Did I need Season 5 Queer Eye when it was released on June 5th. DAMN. STRAIGHT. I. DID. I needed something full of light, love, and kindness and this song was not an anthem for change but an anthem to just be the me. That while I help fight for change, I have to be me.

“Inside the Fire” by Disturbed
This song rekindled my love for my current WIP (work in progress). The lyrics clicked in my head and helped me with a eureka moment I needed when it came to my main character. Besides, it’s fucking rad song.

“MONoSTEReo” by Tsar
A band from the 00’s and a song, I surprisingly remember the lyrics too. A band, 5 people will know. This song is still damn catchy and infectious and I still dig it. Besides, it will always remind me of the night their bassist drunkenly got down on one knee and proposed to me with a ring made out of straw while in line at the bar.

“Broken World” by The Interrupters
Back to fighting music! Listen to the lyrics, it’s fucking perfect and everyone in the goddamn US needs to listen to it.

“I’m Not Worried About It” by Gareth Asher
And when the outside world starts to affect my inside world, THIS SONG. At 11, on repeat. Hell, it’s my ring tone. This song will ALWAYS GET ME THROUGH WHATEVER I AM DEALING WITH.

“Eagle Birds” by The Black Keys
This song is perfect to turn up to 11 and to dance around on repeat until you feel better.

“She’s Too Much” by Duran Duran
Another song inspiration for my WIP. I feel that this song sums up how one of my characters sees my main character.

“Last Train Home” by Armored Saint
Fact, this is my favorite Armorted Saint song. While this song might not be an anthem for change, this lyric struck me: “…you can’t remain the same…” and if that ain’t the goddamn truth. To grow, change, evolve, one cannot remain the same.

“Strangers” by Theory of a Deadman
New TOAD album is pretty spectacular and while this song was written before what is going on currently in the US, it still applies. These lyrics, “…Instead of trying to forgive we all got something to prove. Instead of fighting to win we out here choosing to lose. Instead of calling for peace we out here yelling for war. Instead of setting hopes high we got our face to the floor. Instead of speaking our minds we ain’t got nothing to say. Instead of showing some love we got a heart full of hate. Instead of breaking from lies we out here bending the truth Instead of fists in the air we got a nazi salute…”

“Find Out Who Your Friends Are” by Tracy Lawrence
I was reminded of this song after a fantastic catch up post lock down with the amazing Angela, Jess, and Leander. I absolutely adore these 3 women. Strong, fierce, independent, kind, loving, and just amazing humans and women. These 3 women are the friends in the song.

“Firebreather” by Macklemore featuring Reignwolf
I. JUST. LOVE. THIS. SONG. and the damn beat is in-fucking-fectious.

“Wine, Beer, Whiskey” by Little Big Town
This song is a reminder to have fun because this song IS FUCKING FUN.

“Head Up” by Sugarcult
A reminder that it is okay to feel what I feel and that I can’t let it get it me down. I just gotta keep my head up and keep kicking along.

“13 (There’s a Light)” by U2
Very similar to “Head Up” this song is another reminder, head up, shoulders back, chest proud, walk on.

“Grow on You” by Kip Moore
There’s not a song I don’t love on Kip’s new album and this is one of my favorites because the lyrics are so damn good. My favorite lyric is “…you’re as stubborn as the Alabama dirt…” I mean, COME ON! The writer heart in me melted at this lyric. You hear this, you get this lyric immediately. He could have painted the stubborn any other way but nails it beautifully with Alabama dirt. Yes, I’m jealous of those words. Also, how can you not sing loudly to these, “…Like ivy up a hickory. Down in muddy Mississippi. I’m putting down roots and I’ma gonna grow on you. Like this simple song. You can sing along. When it feels this right, it can’t be wrong. You’re gonna change your tune and I’ma gonna grow on you…”

“Wolf Totem” by The Hu featuring Jacoby Shaddix
June was when I discovered Mongolian Folk Metal and let me tell you something. I. AM. HERE. FOR. IT. The version without Jacoby is just as great as the one with him. This one made the list because it introduced me to the band. I FUCKING LOVE THIS SONG.

“Mama Said Knock You Out” by Five Finger Death Punch featuring Tech N9ne
This song at 11 and screamed at the top of your lungs is a perfect way to exorcise any anger demons. Just saying…

“Everybody’s Going Through Something” by Chris Janson
Everyone in the world should listen to this song because damn, it’s the truth. We’re all going through shit. Be kind and the best of humanity y’all.

“Key West (Philosopher Pirate)” by Bob Dylan
If you know me, you know I love Key West and damn Bob has summed up that love perfectly in this song from his latest album. “…Key West is under the sun, under the radar, under the gun. You stay to the left, and then you lean to the right. Feel the sunlight on your skin, and the healing virtues of the wind. Key West, Key West is the land of light…If you lost your mind, you’ll find it there. Key West is on the horizon line…”

“Don’t Wanna Love” by Jujubee
I’ve been itching for this song since Jujubee performed it on Episode 1 of DragRace All-Stars 5. She absolutely slayed this song on the show and it’s such a good song. I’m gonna be real upset if she doesn’t win All-Stars 5. She has been and will always be one of my favorite queens. Besides, she’s fucking hilarious and I would watch a show about her reading people or just giving commentary on life.

“In Da Wind” by Trick Daddy
I have to end June on a good note. Can’t be in a bad mood listening to this song. Just can’t. It’s too good.

A beautiful raw and acoustic performance of “Fire and Flame”