Review: Two Tags

I hate reviews (and recipes) that give you a long winded story, so cutting to the chase first:

BRAND: Two Tags
FEATURES: TWO side pockets!! Squat proof. High waist.
SQUAT PROOF: Hell, to the yeah!
HAPPY BABY PROOF: Damn skippy!
FREE SHIPPING: On all orders over $50
LOYALTY PROGRAM: Yes. If you join their loyalty program, you get 10 Twotags Beans for every dollar you spend. Plus various ways to earn “beans”.
REFERRAL PROGRAM: Yes. Click HERE for my referral.
WOULD I RECOMMEND? After I bought my first two, I bought three more two days later. Definitely recommend.

Okay, so now that’s out of the way, I was looking for a pair of squat proof leggings after I caught myself on camera in a pair of leggings. While they were squat proof, the print warped enough to make me cringe. All the bits and pieces were covered but the warping left me a bit traumatized. To be honest, I didn’t even know squat proof was a thing until three weeks ago. Leggings to train in fell in two categories for me: non see through and see through. My motto was don’t wear leggings you can see through. Easy. End of story. Period.

All of the leggings I had before I discovered Two Tags were not see through and usually black or dark navy. They did the job of covering the bits and pieces whether I was squatting or holding a happy baby pose in yoga, but I also made sure my underwear was the same color of my leggings just in case they were thinner in a stretch than I wanted them to be.

A quick Google search of squat proof leggings will give you an array of choices from well known brands and the such. I checked out those well known brands, but I could not justify spending over a hundred dollars for a pair of leggings. It’s just insane. I refuse to pay for a name and I’ve seen some of those “well known” brands in action and let’s just say, I’ve seen more than I wanted of some of fellow gym goers. They are not holding up to their “all of our products” are squat proof. Ooof.

What first caught my eye about Two Tags was the price. The Sweetheart leggings were $52AUD. Reasonable for me to shell out money on a product that could either be everything it’s hyped for on the description page or at least a pair of weekend leggings to kick around in. The second thing that solidified my choice on Two Tags was their actual customer reviews. They weren’t glossy, sleek reviews. They were customers who were putting the leggings through the test. Their pictures were proof that they weren’t just lounging on the couch in them. They were sweating in the gym and the leggings held their ground. Thirdly, the company itself is based in Perth, WA. If I was going to spend money during the pandemic, I wanted to help out an Australian based company if I could. Everything else was a bonus feature and that includes not ONE but TWO side pockets, all of their leggings are squat proof, and high waisted. FTW! (for the win)

The Sweetheart leggings did as advertised. Squat proof and unlike some high waist leggings, did not roll while lifting or bending and twisting in yoga. If you are one that’s prone to heavy sweating like me, the periwinkle did show sweat marks, but I wore specifically wore them during a heavy session to see if they would. If you could care less about sweat marks, then carry on. I now wear my periwinkle in less sweat inducing activities. I loved the two pair I bought so much that I was back on Two Tags a few days later for more.

My next purchase from Two Tags would be their Core leggings. Woo boy, are these leggings nice. Like the Sweetheart leggings, they are squat proof and high waited (all of Two Tags leggings are) but whatever magical fabric they are made out of feels like a second skin. It’s 84% Nylon 16% Spandex just like the Sweetheart but they feel different. Those who shave their legs will understand this, but they feel like sheets on freshly shaved legs. I would live in these leggings if I could. The main difference in my opinion is that the Core leggings do not have a waistband. I was nervous about it. There’s nothing more annoying while lifting or doing a forward fold than feeling your leggings roll over and down your belly. Guess what? They didn’t! I. Was. Ecstatic. I also folded them down on purpose to test the rolling and they stayed in place! This girl was happy.

For me, Two Tags have easily become my favorite leggings and now that spring is here in Australia, I can’t wait to try their shorts. I have five pair of leggings and need 2 more for full week’s worth of sweating.

If you’re shopping around for a pair of leggings and want quality for your value, then definitely go with Two Tags

Note: the maroon color is actually like the picture on the Two Tags website. I just happened to be standing in the some weird lighting that makes the maroon look lighter in the photo.

Happy squatting!

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