Music for the Soul

Songs of My Life: September 2020

Hands down, September will go down as one of the best months of 2020.
On September 3, 2020, I received notice that my permanent resident visa had been approved. I will have an entire post on that next week as I won’t lie, I’m still fully processing the dream that became a reality. But I set the intention for September at the beginning of the month to be damn fantastic and it did not fail me. The music of the month is pretty much feel good and songs that made me say fuck yeah, play it again Sam!
The only theme for September: bass. All the bass. No treble.



LIGHT (energy): “Pumpin Blood” by NONONO
I wanted September to be good. I needed it to be good. I went into the month with the intention of it being amazing (and it didn’t fail me). I picked this song because it is pure energy. I mean come on, these lyrics: “…’Cause it’s your heart, it’s alive. It’s pumping blood…” I used this song as a reminder to live each day to the fucking fullest.

LOVE (vibration): “Glisten” by Everything
I love this band. I miss this band. The song lyrics alone are the vibrational energy of love. The music fills you with goodness. These lyrics: “…Surrendering comes in times I mostly need it. In all of the hardest ways I can conceive. Lived all of the moments I was hurt from loving. Lived all of the moments I was taught to see. Bring the rhythm that makes me glisten, makes me glisten from the sweat of too much love…Let go of the anger that I’ve held forever. Like all of the slow burns that I’ve had before. Lived all of the passion I’ve denied for so long. Let go of the cell walls that contained my soul…”

MAGIC (frequency):Life, Love & Laughter” by Donavon Frankenreiter
The ultimate goal of life are these lyrics: “…I’m lookin’ for life, love and laughter Everything in between and what happens after…”


“La Vie Dansante” by Jimmy Buffett
The Dancing Life. How I hope to live my life. How I hope I am living my life. This song means so much to me that I have those six words tattooed on me. La Vie Dansante in my oldest niece’s handwriting and the translation The Dancing Life in my youngest niece’s handwriting. I got them before I came to Australia. I wanted to always carry a piece of them with me and this was the perfect way. When this song spun into my ear buds, it was a reminder to follow my dreams and my songlines. These lyrics: “…that’s why I wander and follow La Vie Dansante. On the night wind that takes me just where I want, that’s all I want La Vie Dansante…Feel it all with a willing heart. Every stop is a place to start…”

“Come Monday” by Robert Greenridge
I may be a sucker for a sick bass line, but I’m even a bigger sucker for steel drums. Robert (Jimmy Buffett’s steel drum player) does a beautiful cover of “Come Monday”. It puts my soul at ease.

“UMF” by Duran Duran
Absolutely one of my favorite DD songs. It’s from their The Wedding Album and it is a jam. I love everything about it.

“Bad” by U2
This song just reminded me of my mantra. I release. It was these lyrics that caught my ears: “…This desperation. Dislocation. Separation, condemnation. Revelation in temptation. Isolation, desolation. Let it go…:

“West End Blues (Live)” by Louis Armstrong
Sunday mornings are for the Delta Blues or Jazz and this song played on a rainy Sunday and made the day better.

“Dead End Friends” by Them Crooked Vultures
This is a rocking tune. That’s why it’s on here. Damn infectious. Damn fun.

“Asleep in the Deep” by Mastadon (Instrumental)
From their latest album Medium Rarities this instrumental is a killer track.

“Broken Needle” by Marilyn Manson
My favorite track off the new album We Are Chaos. These lyrics: “Are you alright? ‘Cause I’m not okay. All of these lies are not worth fighting for…”

“Rest in Pieces” by Twin Atlantic
There was a couple of days in September where my mind had the best of me. It happens sometimes. The Oncoming Storm has been far and few between since I started living a healthier lifestyle but occasionally it rains a little in my mind, mix’em with hormones and the rain can seem like a hurricane brewing. These lyrics were like “yes, this is how I am feeling”. “…Because the highs and lows make me feel lost and help me get caught. When I rest in pieces I’ll be losing sleep.  I can’t help the way that I’m feeling…’Cause I’ve got my reasons so just keep on keeping down that road that you believe in…”

“When they Come for Me” by Linkin Park
The drums and beat of this song caught my ear. Basically if there’s bass and beats, I’m probably gonna love it.

“Dead Man Walking” by Skillet
I can always count on Skillet to give me a fucking infectious and rocking banger. This song is all of that. Like above, there is bass and beats and it’s just damn catchy.

“Oh My My” by Blue October
Another band guaranteed for an infectious jam, Blue October. You can’t help but groove to this!

“Let Me Down Easy” by Candlebox
Holy shit. LIKE. HOLY. FUCKING. SHIT. This song came into my world guns a-blazing and fists a-swinging. The bass in this song is absolutely killer and I haven’t stopped playing it since I found it. Cannot wait to hear the full album when Candlebox releases it.

“Devil’s Advocate” by The Neighbourhood
I am addicted to this song. I might have played it about 100 times in one day. Not lying. The bass in this song is so damn evilly seductive. I love everything about this song. Their new album is fantastic, but this song is my favorite. These lyrics: “…I’m the devil’s advocate. You don’t know the half of it. Good luck tryna manage it. If a God is a dog, and a man is a fraud, then I’m a lost cause…”

“Trouble’s Coming” by Royal Blood
Another banger. Another song filled with bass and drums. Of course, RB was going to have bass and drums as that’s what they duo plays  but this is a dance floor jam!

“Got the Time” by Anthrax
Helloooooooooooooooooo bass. Scott Ian, one of the sickest bass players of all time. This song is still a killer tune 30 years later.