Music for the Soul

Songs of My Life: October 2020

There was no apparent theme for October. There wasn’t even a definite mood…it swung back and forth like a cracked out pendulum. October was what it was…whatever October was. This month I fell in love with Pete Buttigieg and his natural penchant for brilliant one liners and absolute zingers during interviews and at rallies. (Read his book TRUST: America’s Best Chance.) And I found hope that the US is going to be washed a blue democratic wave next week.

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LIGHT (energy): “The Simple Life” by Drake White
The title says it all. These lyrics: “I’m a fan of the simple life.”

LOVE (vibration): “Free and Easy (Down the Road I Go)” by Dierks Bentley
These lyrics: “…Got the sun shining on me like a big spotlight so I know everything is gonna be alright…If you only get to go around one time, I’m gonna sit back and try to enjoy the ride…”

MAGIC (frequency): “Rusty Hammer” by Xavier Rudd & the United Nations
These lyrics: “…I’m weeding and endless garden of positivity and happiness. If I’m bringing my soul to ya, bet ya money there’s a reason I believe. Building with a rusty hammer. Standing strong in the things that I’ve seen. If I’m bringing my soul to ya, coming at you with truth in my eyes. Building with a rusty hammer. Strong feeling everything gonna be just fine…”


“Catatonia” by The Amity Affliction
I just fucking love this song. It brings me joy.

“For Whom the Bells Tolls” by Metallica
As much as I despise Spotify, their playlists are pretty solid and this song popped into my earbuds and I thought, hell yea. And also, this song still rocks.

“Beautiful Day” by U2
I’m not going to Google it, but it felt like it rained 30 of the 30 days in October. When the sun appeared, this song just reminded me that each day, rain or shine, is a beautiful day.

“Bang Bang” by Story of the Year
I love putting music on shuffle. I am reminded and given great tunes like this.

“Right Right Now Now: Straight Outta Shibuya” by Beastie Boys featuring feat. 高木 完
This played the day after Pence bold face lied during the Vice Presidential Debate that Trump didn’t say “stand back, stand by”. These lyrics: “I’m getting kind of tired of the situation. The US attacking other nations. Anhiliations, on every station. False election’s got me losing my patience. Well, I’m a funky-ass Jew and I’m on my way, and I got to say fuck the KKK…We gotta work together, it’s been too long…I went to get a loan and they asked my race. I wrote down human inside the space. It’s a disgrace how they try to debase. It ain’t the bank’s damn business how my lineage trace…”

“Hatin’ Somebody” by Brothers Osborne
First, the new album by Brothers Osborne is banger. Freaking love this duo. Second, these lyrics (PREACH BROTHERS PREACH): “…hatin’ somebody ain’t never got nobody nowhere. It’s a bad seed to sow, it’s a dead end road when you go there…”

“The Void” by Eighteen Visions
FUCK! 18V released a 6 songs EP and melted my brain. It is so good. 18V fans will love it. This song stuck with me because in my current WIP, the characters fall into a void and the song is now the soundtrack of that mood in that place. And this song is face melting heavy!

“I Wanna Be Your Lover” by Prince
It’s Prince. Do I need to say more?

“Live Like You’re on Fire” by Stone Sour
These lyrics: “Tomorrows don’t exist. So tonight live like you’re on fire.”

“Fuck They” by Sofi Tukker
Discovered this song when the LGBTQI Twitter Community took back the hash tag Proud Boys and I am better for it. While sharing a political thought, I stopped and almost edited myself that I might offend some and then realized, no, it was my voice, my feelings, and my right to amplify the voices of those not heard or listened to. This song is that reminder. Fuck they…they being the naysayers, the negative ones, etc. EXIST LOUDLY.

“Soulshine” by The Allman Brothers
This song came into my Universe courtesy of my friend P-Love who had used it in one of his Instagram stories. These lyrics: “When you can’t find the light, that got you through the cloudy days. When the stars ain’t shinin’ bright, you feel like you’ve lost your way. When the candlelight of home, burns so very far away. Well, you got to let your soul shine. Just like my daddy used to say. He used to say soulshine. It’s better than sunshine. It’s better than moonshine. Damn sure better than rain…”

“Positive Vibration” by Bob Marley & the Wailers
This song came into my Universe courtesy of a Jimmy Buffett Instagram story. They title says it all. Positive. Vibration. I only want positive vibrations and those that bring that in my life. Negative vibes can GTFO.

“More Beer” by Lee Brice

“Divine” by Korn
This song spun into my life one night walking home and I was reminded how awesome the bass line is in the this song.

“Lights Up” by Harry Styles
This song is perfect to lift your attitude and spirits when ya need it.

“Spike” by Tom Petty
Classic Tom Petty. Can’t ever go wrong.

“Keep’em On They Toes” by Brent Cobb
These lyrics: “Just listen to your heart, listen to the rain. Listen to whatever it is that keeps you sane. I don’t have to tell it cause you already know. Walk on to your own beat. Keep em on they toes…”

“A Song to Remember” by A Thousand Horses
ATH brings 2020 another gem and this tune is infectious and catchy. I mean, come on, with the lyrics, “I need a song to remember and a drink to forget…” how can you not immediately fall in love with this song.

“I’m Free (Heaven Helps the Man)” by Kenny Loggins
First, I haven’t turned on an actual TV to watch since sometime in 2017 in my place. I didn’t even have a TV until my dad came to Australia to visit. Second, there’s no HGTV here so when I say I had no idea who Darren Keefe was when he popped into my Instagram feed, know that I truly had no idea who this silver fox was. But damn am I glad I know now. He danced to this song and it just reminded me what a great tune it was. Watch Darren dancing HERE. And ladies and gentlemen, follow him, he’s easy on the eyes and entertaining.

“Breathe” by Ryan Star
Sometimes I need a reminder to just let go and breathe. This is that song.

“Hell of a View” by Eric Church
New tune from Eric and I love it.

“Fire on Your House” by Trevor Hall
I don’t have a specific reason I dig this song. I just do.

“BoomBoom” by Donavon Frankenreiter
Bass. That’s all.

“Midnight Train” and “Don’t Wade in the Water” by The Amity Affliction
TAA released NOT ONE BUT TWO new tracks this month and they are fucking rockers!!

“Road Soda” by The Cadillac Three
Damn. Damn. Damn. Damn. TC3 released a 2nd album in 2020 and it is a funk filled thrill ride. There’s so much bass and funk and fun that I really can’t pick just one favorite song from the album. But this song makes me smile.

“Save Us” by Atreyu
Digging the new Atreyu.

“Don’t Go Changing” by Kip Moore
I might have fan girl squealed when this song was released. It fucking rocks.

“Through My Ray-Bans” by Eric Church
Eric released another song at the end of the month and I see it playing over a memory montage of my life if it were a film. It’s a good song.