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Songs of My Life: December 2020

Drew, me, Nick Jan 2020

Drew (back), me, Nick (front) Jan 2020

The last month of 2020. Damn, we made it ya’ll! Also, it’s fucking almost another year. I don’t remember where 2020 went. Was I in it? Did I live this madness? I know I did, but I also feel that there are huge chunks of 2020 missing. What did I do in the time of when Australia was in lockdown and restrictions? Was January and February freedom?

I have one photo from 2020. It was take in January, pre Covid-19. Pre melt down of the world. Needless to say, it’s my favorite photo from 2020, with two of my favorite Aussies, Nick & Drew. That’s the only memory I have pre Covid-19 besides the day I got sent home with everything I needed to work from home. I was like this is insane, we’ll only be home for a few weeks, I can work from just my laptop. But I believe I ended up working from home for 81 days and once they lifted some restrictions that included gyms being reopened, I jumped at the chance to go back into the office in the middle of June.

So yeah, here we are, at the end of a very long 2020. We had (and still have) a pandemic, a US presidential election watched closely not only by the US but by the world, the world seeing just how hateful and racists humans can be and so much more bad, but while all the shit that did happen and shouldn’t have happened at all, above all, I’ve seen the good in humanity, the kindess, the hope and the love. That’s how I’m going to end 2020. Filled with hope and filled with trying to be the best of humanity myself.

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LIGHT (energy), LOVE (vibration), MAGIC (frequency): “No End to Loving Days” by Everything
I had three songs chosen per usual but then I switched my Apple Music account from US to Australia and lost my life. Playlists, etc and I remember the 3 songs fit so perfectly together. I don’t remember what the last two were so there’s just one and it kind of does equal to light, love and magic. 2020 has been a shitstorm of a year and this song is reminder that despite the shit, there is no end to loving days.


“Forward” by The Midnight Hollow
This band is now defunct, but I’ve dug them since I discovered them and this song is and will always be a gem. These lyrics reminded me why I love this song: “…All the scared obsessed with super heroes, but you sway towards the villain because they’re not afraid of their own vision and they’re straight forward…” And damn the song is musically infectious too. I’m bummed they’re not together but I got this gem and I guess that’s all right.

“Dreaming You Backwards” by Ryan Adams
Ryan released a wonderful new album called WEDNESDAYS this month and its poetic. Beautiful. Sad. Heartbreaking and mostly hopeful. This is probably my favorite track from the album. These lyrics: “…May your arm rest easy on your pillow. May you cry every tear and forget. The long roads we took and the time we lost grieving and may your love find its way back home again…”

“State Trooper” by Alison Mosshart (Bruce Springsteen Cover)
I love Alison’s voice. I love this cover by her. It’s probably one of the best covers of this song. While she adds a driving beat and a mind numbing guitar, I feel her voice captures the emotion that Bruce did in the original.

“Riser” by Dierks Bentley
I connected to these lyrics: “…I’m a riser. I’m a get up off the ground, don’t run and hider. Pushing comes a-shovin’ hey I’m a fighter. When darkness comes to town, I’m a lighter, a get out aliver, out of the fire, survivor…” While I haven’t felt the Oncoming Storm in a while, I imagine if I should, I would play this song for myself at that time and remind myself, I’m a riser.

“Reboot the Mission (featuring Mick Jones) by The Wallflowers
Just a damn catchy tune. Damn catchy

“The Blackout” by U2
The bass in the song always catches me. Always.

“Gotta Be Somebody” by Nickelback
I don’t care, I like Nickelback and I like this song. It’s damn good and whether anyone admits or it not, they are singing what we all feel or have felt at one time or another.

“My Name (Wearing Me Out)” by Shinedown
I don’t know the inspiration that inspired this song, but whenever I hear it, for me, it’s my brain vs my brain. The in a good place brain vs the Oncoming Storm brain. The good place would be screaming these lyrics to the other: “…You’re fucking wearing me out. You’re always dragging me down. You’re the fake, fallen force of nature’s sick mind. I don’t need a gun to take back what’s mine. It’s over, it’s over now. You’re done wearing me out…”

“Vultures” by Asking Alexandria
I became an Asking Alexandria fan because of Danny Worsnop’s voice and this song played a rainy night and reminded me why I absolutely dig this band. It’s fucking beautiful.

“Deep Down” by Paul McCartney
Mr. Paul McCartney laying down a damn catchy drum track then adding a quiet bass line, I. AM. IN. This song is my favorite off his latest album.