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Songs of My Life: February 2021

February…meh. You were what you were. You were what you weren’t. You were just meh. I actually don’t have a lot to say about February. It was uneventful. It just was.

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“Walk the Walk” by Poe: I chose this song because I’m big believer in if you’re going walk the walk, you gotta talk the talk. These lyrics: “…Hey everybody when you walk the walk. You gotta back it all up you gotta talk the talk. Hey everybody when I hear the knock don’t want to measure out my life to the tick of a clock…”


“Heart on Fire” by Eric Church
This was one of 2 new tracks Eric released from his upcoming double release and I just liked the feeling of this song. Young dumb optimistic love.

“Superbloom” by Misterwives
I heard this song in someone’s Instagram story and I really dug the vibes and these lyrics: “Resilient little thing, just like mama made you. No one needs to save you…I deserve congratulations. ‘Cause I came out the other side. I’ve been having revelations and I’m gon’ let them shine. I deserve congratulations. I’d never thought that I’d survive…”

“Flowers on the Wall” by The Statler Brothers
I’ve always just enjoyed the harmonies in this classic country song.

“Spiderbaby (Yeah-Yeah-Yeah) by White Zombie
A classic from WZ and I really just dig the simple bass in this song.

“Medicine at Midnight” by Foo Fighters
The bass in this song hooked me, the vibe kept me. It’s fun and funky.

“See-Line Woman” by Nina Simone
It’s Nina. I really don’t need to say more other than the beat to this song and Nina’s voice is fantastic.

“Psycho” by Breaking Benjamin
Have no recollection of why added this song here but I love me some BB and I suspect, it was the bass in the song.

“Enjoy the Silence” by Tori Amos
Tori covering Depeche Mode. Yes please. She makes the song even more heart wrenching.

“The Villain You Need” by Dräger
New song by Dräger and it’s a bopper!

“I Like it Heavy” by Halestorm featuring Eric Church
Honestly, the title says it best. I like heavy and loud music. These lyrics: “…I need the volume one louder than ten. Put the pedal to the metal needle into the red. If the windows ain’t shaking making my heart race. If I can’t feel it in my chest. I’m in the wrong damn place. Got a demon in my soul, and a voice in my head saying go, go, go, I can sleep when I’m dead. There’s a sonic revelation bringing me to my knees and there’s a man down below that needs my sympathy. I got a ringin’ in my ears gettin’ ready to burst screaming hallelujah mother fucker, take me to church…”

“Midnight Slow Dance” by Kip Moore
I also like country. Not all of it, but I also think of Kip as more of a rocker than a country music artist. Any who…this a finally recorded version of a song that’s only been available live.

“Man’s Gotta Do” by Kip Moore
New tune by Kip. It’s a great story.

“Whole Lotta Woman” by Kelly Clarkson
I found this song through RuPaul’s Drag Race when Elliott with 2 T’s and LaLa Ri had to battle it out in a lip sync and I was just feeling, HELL TO THE YEAH BITCHES! Watch below.

“And then I” by Beastie Boys
Honestly when this song started playing, I was like what is this gem and then realised it was Beastie Boys and crushed on it a little harder. I just love everything about it.

“Must be Nice” by Nickelback
Don’t care if you hate’em. The bass in this fucking song rawks and I absolutely dig how they incorporated all the lyrics, rhymes from all the childhood songs.

“Outside In” by Tia Kofi
Miss Tia Kofi was one of my favourite queens on Drag Race UK Season 2. Her confessional commentary and on stage wit was just to die for so of course I was going to absolutely love her debut single.

“You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)” by 3Teeth
Heard this on a Spotify list and was hooked. A) I loved Dead or Alive and this song growing up. B) I love any version of this song that makes it heavy and angry and can keep that 80s feel.

“It Ain’t My Fault” by Brothers Osborne
I love love love the lyrics of this song. Not a singular one. All of it.