Music for the Soul

Songs of My Life: March 2021

Didn’t even realize March ended until it was the end of April 1. Guess that was the April Fools Joke on me. Blink and I would have missed it. I don’t really have a lot to say about March. It was what it was and I felt like I was tired or behind the eight ball all month.

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“Walk on Water” by Thirty Seconds to Mars (acoustic)
I appreciate the vibe and message of this song. Take a fucking stand. Believe that you can walk on water. I needed that inspiration at the beginning of March.


“Ich Will” by Rammstein
I just fucking love this song and it’s one of my favorite vides by them. Watch below.

“Fred Meyers” by Glen Phillips
This might be favorite song by Glen. In the current mood of pandemic, racism and hatred, I feel like this song could be how the world turns out.

“Golden Restless Age” by Kings of Leon
This is my favorite song from the KOL’s latest album. These lyrics: “…The golden restless age and time won’t turn the page. You’re only passing through a form of you. I look in your eyes and therе’s a rage and time won’t turn the pagе. It hits you headlong to go it alone…”

“Hourglass” by A Perfect Circle
Can’t remember why I added this song? But I’m guessing it had something to do with the bass. I’ve been on bass kick lately. The song is fucking fab.

“In da Wind” by Trick Daddy
This song was playing in the gym one morning. I will never not put this song on a playlist. It’s one of my faves.

“Light Years” by Dräger
New song from a Dräger and I’m digging it.

“One Last Time” by LP
I really just dig LP’s voice. I would listen to almost anything they release.

“New Friends Silver, Old Friends Gold” by RuPaul
This song reminded me of my Chosen Family back home. I miss those fools. These lyrics: “New friends, silver. Old friends, gold. We’re like diamonds. Truth be told. People come and people go. We keep shining soul to soul…”

“Yorktown” by Butcher Babies
The bass in the song hooked and let me be honest, I’m always down for a heavy fucking tune. I really dug these lyrics: “…After a day in disguise I’m ready for a fight. My mortal enemy is waiting for me. Kill me once, you better kill me twice. I’m not afraid bitch, I’ve got nine lives…”

New Batiste album is lit and this song is my favorite from it.

“Born for Greatness” by Papa Roach
I might not have been the biggest fan of Papa Roach when their debut album came about but every album after that I have dug. They are like a good whiskey. They have gotten better and better over the years. This month they Greatest Hits, Vol 2: The Better Noise Years 2010-2020 and this was the lead track. These lyrics: “…It doesn’t matter if the world has gone mad. If we just hold on, if we just hold on yeah. The sky is falling and the world has gone mad and we sing our songs, and we just hold on yeah. So if you’re running, stop running. One life, one chance, start living. Sing it louder just to let the world know. No we’re not nameless, we’re not faceless. We were born for greatness…”

“Come Around” by Papa Roach
All the lyrics to this song. Every. Single. Word.

“Break it Kind of Guy” by Eric Church
Absolutely loving the funk in this new song by Eric. It is soooooo damn good.