Pretty Vacant One

🔥Track: Do Not Disturb by Ryan Adams

Opening with a slick bass line and dreamy 80’s ethereal keys, the first single, “Do Not Disturb” from Ryan Adam’s upcoming 18th studio album, Big Colors (out on 11-June) is a seductress and enchantress musically and lyrically.

A prolific writer, Ryan does not mind exposing the veins that carry the emotional pain or burdens within and externally. He has this brilliant capability to cut straight to the source of the emotion and while “Do Not Disturb” is no different in capturing the emotion of a soul that is lost, I feel it picks at a healing scab, scratching the surface of the heartache that lies underneath in hopes it all goes away.

The song is absolutely groovy. The bass in the song is simple and perfect and shines beautifully under Ryan’s visceral lyrics and heartfelt voice.

These lyrics
…the hotel bar is closed. The sign on the door of my mind says, ‘do not disturb anymore’…my heart is closed…my heart’s all packed up and ready to go…

Damn. Just damn.

I look forward to hearing the rest of “Big Colors” when it’s released, until then, this track will be on repeat.