Music for the Soul

Songs of My Life: April 2021

April was a mixed bag of emotions ranging from The Oncoming Storm to happy and everything in between. I believe it shows heavily in the music. This list isn’t for the weak.

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I’m that Bitch” by RuPaul
Sometimes you need to be your own hype woman. This song was my hype song all month.

I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” by U2
I will never get tired of this song. Never. Still hits me in the feels every time I hear it.

“Indigo Children” by Puscifer
Maynard James Keenan could read from the dictionary and I’d be down for it. Been a Pusicfer fan, a project he is in when you know he’s not being creative in Tool, A Perfect Circle or his own wines. Seriously, Renaissance Man. Anywho…it was the tone of MJK’s voice that hooked me for this month. Everything else in the song is a bonus.

“I Saw” by Matt Nathanson
Fact: this is my favorite song by Matt. Putting music on Shuffle brings up the best memories and this one for “I Saw” is tied to writing.

“Levitating” by Dua Lipa
If you need a dancey jam, this is it. I mean, come one, it’s got the word(s) “sugarboo/sugar boo” in it. It’s damn catchy.

“Anger” and “Life is Pain” by Death Blooms
Discovered this band this month and I’m absolutely hooked as a fan. First up, “Anger” and it was these lyrics that solidified my love for this song: “Anger is all you know. Pour your rage into me” The song is just heavy, angry, and makes you want to stand up tall, lean back, and let out all of your anger in one giant scream. Next up, “Life is Pain” and while SLIGHTLY less heavy, it too is a fucking banger. These two songs have been on repeat all month.

“Roots and Wings” by The Wallflowers
A quiet break from the last two and into the next one. The new song by The Wallflowers is just dreamy and groovy. Cannot wait for their new album.

“Negative Noise” by Tetrarch
Another band I discovered this month and THIS SONG HAS BEEN MY FUCKING JAM. For every bit of emotion I have felt in April, this song seems covers it all. This song is heavy. loud. aggressive. a punch to the throat. and I love it.

“One More Road to Cross” by DMX
RIP. My favorite DMX song.

“Last Chance to Dance (Bad Friend)” by A Day to Remember
Hi. Hello. Guess what. Another in your face heavy song. This song is the tits!

“And So it Goes” by Matthew Ryan
This line: “…the ghosts of things we said were smoking on the lawn…” Pure fucking poetry.

“However You Want it Said” by Beartooth
I’ve been sleeping on Beartooth and I apologize to the Universe for that. I really just dug the message of the lyrics in this song.

“Domination” by Kayzo, Sullivan King & Papa Roach
Can’t remember why I added this song. Was probably because of the heavy guitar driven intro. That seems to have been my mood this month. Whatever reason, the song is a banger.

“Low Key in Love” by The Struts & Paris Jackson
This song is a dreamy 80’s delight. Give me a Pina colada, a setting sun, and this song on repeat.

“Time Will Heal Me” by Everything
My favorite song from the Supernatural album. Mid-April, I went on a weekend yoga retreat with the mindset to Reset and Restore and I added recalibrate. This song was my mental theme song. Time in nature, time with myself, time with my yoga mat. Time will heal me.

“Unwanted (Official Song from the Podcast)” by Rick Astley
This song is a jam. An instant throwback to the 80’s synth grooviness with Rick’s gorgeous over it.

“Russian Roulette” by Eric Church
From Eric’s Heart album, as a radio flipper, this song hit me in the feels. Every line in this song hit me.

“Good Life” by Kip Moore
Kip Moore slapped down a toe tapping, bass thumping jam this month and it made me whoop and holler hell fucking yeah. It’s a jam. Catchy and infectious and just reminded, I too, am living me a good life…

“Do Not Disturb” by Ryan Adams
New Ryan Adams. Channeling his 80’s synth dream and I am here for it.

“Rein Raus” by Rammstein
This song just reminded me of how much I love this band.