On Writing

Reflections on the Poem a Day Challenge

8 days into May and I’ve celebrated the 12th birthday of my youngest niece and the 22nd birthday of my oldest niece. I went from writing a poem a day to nothing. It was a needed creative break.

Life got in the way of the April Poem a Day Challenge. There were days I didn’t get to sit down to write and there were days were I crammed missed days into one.

With each poem, my rules were simple:
* No more than 10 minutes writing.
* No more than 5 minutes editing.
* Let the prompt inspire.
* Let go of perfection,
* Have fun.

The reality is, I could have given 15 minutes a day to cranking out a poem. I decided to let life stop me. Sometimes for an extra 15 minutes of sleep, social media, or laughing at dumb videos. Many moons ago, I would have felt guilty for not writing, but with this challenge, I learned that it was okay.

In the end, I wrote 30 poems. Some I really dug and some were stinkers but with each word written and each prompt given, they fanned the flames of my inner muse.

The fact is, I just love to write and be creative.

And I found that love again.

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