Music for the Soul

Songs of My Life: May 2021

May…one step month closer to winter here in AUS (1-June is the first day of winter) and it was a month that was filled with mehs. Nothing bad happened. Just meh. I blame that last fading light into dark and the days getting colder. Mentally I’m not ready for winter. Physically I’m not ready for winter. (I hate being cold.) And I just don’t want to face the reality it’s here tomorrow. No theme for May. It was just kind of all over the place.

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The Chosen One
“Break it Kind of Guy” by Eric Church
Kind of was my mood this month.

“Look Good and You Know It” by Eric Church
Played this song for those moments when my mind had me feeling like a fat troll doll.

“You Can Do It” by Ice Cube
This song kept popping up in the most random places. It’s a jam so I didn’t mind.

“Confetti” by Little Mix featuring Saweetie
A toe tapping pop jam. Sometimes you just need a little groove in ya life.

“Therefore I Am” by Billie Eilish
I really dig the beats in this song. It’s just a banger of a song.

“Song for a Hard Year” by The Pines at Night (Matthew Ryan)
Matthew, now releasing under the name of The Pines at Night, quietly released an EP this month and it’s beautiful. This song is a poetic look at everything that happened in 2020 and the more I listen to it, the more I discover in it. It’s just a fantastic song.

“Get’em Up” by Nickelback
The bass and the guitar hooked me in. I’ve always dug this song. It’s a fun little jam from possibly one of the most “disliked” bands in rock.

“Invisible” by Duran Duran
NEW D2!!!!! That’s all. It’s fan-fucking-tastic. The boys still got it.

“Isn’t Everyone” by Nine Inch Nails
New NIN! Do. Not. Mind. If. I. Do. I’ve been on a NIN listening spree lately and this song is just a brilliant continuation of their journey.

“The Devil Named Music” by Chris Stapleton
The song says it all…I love this confessional of things missed but that the love music still stays strong.

“Careless Memories” by Duran Duran
I absolutely love this bass in this song. It’s one of my favourites by them.

“Automatic” by Collapsis
I couldn’t find this for the Apple Music list, but give it a listen below. It’s a jam from the 00s and I still dig it to this day. It immediately sent me into a 00s listening spree.

“Nix Hex” by 311
Forgot how much I really dug this song (and album) until it spun into shuffle. Still a fun jam. I remember seeing 311 play a club in Winston Salem on this record. It was sold out. Jam packed to the rafters and it was amazing.

“Book on the Shelf” by Jimmy Buffett
I feel like Jimmy might have wrote this song for me if he knew me.

“I’ve Been Everywhere” by L.A. Rats
One of the best covers I’ve heard. Period.