Exist Loudly

See You on Down the Road, Marcus

I’ve been avoiding this piece of writing. It’s had starts and stops and none seem to be the right way to say anything…to write anything. And I suppose that is life. Start. Stop. Keep going.

Progress not perfection.

I guess, that is what I take away from writing this piece. It’s not going to be perfect but it will hopefully express how much this person has changed my life. Changed my life for the good and the better.

Last month, Marcus broke the news that he and his wife are moving to Queensland. I wish them nothing but joy, happiness and the life they yearn for. I know they will make an environmental and social impact there as much as they did here in Sydney.

Saying goodbye isn’t an option, but saying “see you on down the road” is…

This post is just a heartfelt thank you to a human that became my trainer and friend.
To a human who made a difference in my life.

Marcus, you have been an important part of my life since November 23, 2018. I spend at least 90 minutes a week with you and sometimes more. You have poured the foundation for my healthy lifestyle change and have been there as each brick has been laid and as some bricks were relaid because they just weren’t right. We have clocked in over 12,600 minutes / over 210 hours / over 280 personal training sessions together, and none have been easier than the session before. You have kicked my ass, tore my muscles, rebuilt my body and restored my mental health all the while with a smile, sometimes a five-star-trainer-evil smile, on your face and radiant positive outlook. You never once let me give up nor even let giving up be an option. You have been a champion in my corner, a sensei of knowledge and someone who constantly kicked me out of my comfort zone.

I can’t thank you enough nor even know how to begin to thank you enough for the years of support and friendship. Is this writing enough? No, but I express myself best with words and while thank you doesn’t seem enough, thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, quads, and glutes for everything you have given to me (muscles included).

Those of us lucky to train with you are given a gift of light and strength, a gift of determination and sheer tenacity to do better, to be 1% better than the session before.

Thank you for introducing me into strength training and lifting because goddamn, I love it. Thank you for showing me that a 40 kilo bench press, something once so far out of my doable range, is achieved through persistent training. Thank you for introducing me to the satisfaction of 90 kilo deadlift and giving me quads and glutes I’m truly proud of, even if they’re always sore.

Thank you for listening to me be a chirpy and mouthy nut bag. Thank you for letting me channel my inner Michelle Kwan and start my lifting when it’s quiet in my head, for letting Queen Latifah give me strength, and for all the prayers to ‘sweet baby Jesus’, and all the silly one liners I repeat ad nauseam.

Thank you for the pep talks, the laughter, the lessons, the training, the ass kicking, the sweat, the occasional ‘I may vomit from this’, and mostly the friendship we have cultivated.

I hope I do you proud and have done you proud. I look forward to our last week together and look forward to the journey you and Sarah are about to embark on, knowing that you are creating the life you both dream of.

You are a true gem of a trainer, a gentleman, a friend, and a human.

I am better for having you in my life as all the above and I will miss you greatly.
I will miss you kicking my ass.
I will miss you putting me through the ringer.
I will miss how hard our sessions were, but mostly, I will miss seeing you weekly, my friend.

I’ll always be here with gummy bears for you and I’ll always be forever grateful for what you have contributed my life.

Thank you for changing my life.