The Night of the Hunter

Music Inspiration for The Anger of Angels

Through the various adaptations and incarnations of THE ANGER OF ANGELS there have been a lot of playlists and but only one song made it over to the final playlist and that was Duran Duran‘s “She’s Too Much”.

When NIN released Ghosts V and Ghosts VI, it was like the Universe clicked. Both were the perfect inspirations for the novel. They became the musical noise of The Void. The scattered thoughts of my characters and the background music I needed to write the novel. Both albums inspired so much of the writing for the novel and for A TOWN CALLED DRAKE pieces.

The song “The Believers” by How to Destroy Angels hooked me with they lyrics “we’re the ones that still believe”. I connected that piece to my four characters (Maia, Corvis, Keid and Noah). Their beliefs were what got them through the storyline. Even if their beliefs had been challenged.

For me, Duran Duran‘s “She’s Too Much” was how Corvis saw Maia. It was also how I saw Maia’s character. These lyrics have always been my inspiration for Maia’s character: “She likes to catch the sun. Plays with it like a ball and never mind whatever keeps it burning. Someday she might just be the one whose going to save us all. If this apocalypse is coming…” and these lyrics are how Corvis feels about Maia: “I’ll be there when the world is coming down upon her. When she’s scared, I’ll be there fighting in her corner. I’ll be there when the walls are closing to surround her…”

As for “Forever Can Be” by Ashes Divide, the song inspired the ending. When I heard the lyrics, the ending all fell into place within 4 minutes and 49 seconds.

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