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As I wrote in my post MENTAL DUMP, I’ve started Book 2 in THE NIGHT OF THE HUNTER series, but it has sort of taken a backseat for a moment.

I confessed that my mind kept drifting to Ava and Hart from COFFEE AND CONVERSATIONS, but it is now a goddamn obsession. Such an obsession that I’ve got 14,000+ words written in what was suppose to be a little short piece, a side quest if you will, about them.

All I wanted for my personal satisfaction was to write their beginning as Ava explained to Garrett, Walsh, and Porn to the point of what happens in COFFEE AND CONVERSATIONS.

That’s all.
But these two are all I think about.
I am utterly obsessed with their story and them.
Writing about their story is bringing me joy and happiness that I haven’t felt in long time with writing. I honestly sit with my laptop, smiling and laughing as I write.

And then it clicked.


Hart IS connected to THE NIGHT OF THE HUNTER series.
Two small words uttered from Ava’s lips in COFFEE AND CONVERSATIONS connected him: digital forensics.
He’s connected to Maia.
That eureka moment was liberating, freeing, and included a little bit of maniacal laughter knowing where he would be making an appearance in Book 3.

As I write my way through their love story, I now know it needed to be told. This exercise in personal satisfaction wasn’t futile after all but had a purpose that was freed as the story unfolded.

So, I write on…telling Hart & Ava’s love story and in doing so, set off the butterfly effect of creativity and writing into my other works.

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